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A new resolution

I won’t be breaking my resolutions anymore. (At least the frequency of taking new resolutions and breaking them should be reduced. To stop taking resolution is a solution, I guess. J )   Life Update: It’s getting busier and I am … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is a new day..

  A Small Step for Mankind, but a Giant Leap for me!!! …  Howzzat?? :-p

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What am I to others

The following describes a bit of it. These are the testimonials I had last week :P.   “You are a great friend.” (I am a good actor)   “You are a cheat.” (I broke a promise)   “You are silly.” … Continue reading

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She is a fantasy

n The face was cute, the body was gorgeous, and the silky hair brushed her cheeks, the reasons why I noticed her. She was walking from the super market towards her car. Someone muttered something from inside.. “Hey Vivek, you … Continue reading

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