Why Computer Science ? – Top 5 reasons.

After the +2 board examination, unlike most of the kids, I was not confused in deciding upon the branch in which I should do my graduation. I even dropped the NIT Civil and CET Industrial seat for studying in this particular branch. So these were my top 5 reasons for choosing computer science and engineering in GEC, Thrissur as my stream..

1. Computer Science is the easiest of subjects in engineering to learn.
(Sleep when your friends are busy drawing their lab sheets)

2. Most of the film actresses marry software engineers!
(Isn’t that enough to motivate one?)

3. The highest paid jobs are for computer science graduates.
(less work and more pay… yummy)

4. The chances of becoming a hacker (i meant cracker) is high in taking this branch of engineering.
(Everyone likes to be Ankit Fadia.. (let us keep away the Fadia controversies for a while))

5. It is a software engineer who crashes the alien ship in the movie ‘Independence Day’.
(The guy was super cool.. “I gave it a cold.. I gave it a virus” – quote from the movie)


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7 Responses to Why Computer Science ? – Top 5 reasons.

  1. Vayanakkaran says:

    er…. I beg to differ.

  2. Anish Bhaskaran says:

    So.. after 4 years of engg and 1 year of software professionalism how much wiser are you than u were after +2 board exams?? :)

  3. Vivek says:

    @ Vayanakkaran

    :).. I had another reason too which I didn’t mention. I loved (love) computer science very much [Infact, most of 'em were not advising to take comp sci at that time due to the bust the industry had.]

    on a different note:

    Hope, you had a very safe journey…

    @ Anish.

    I was much wiser when I was 18 .. :P

    And, regarding computer science, i guess I improved a bit… :P

  4. Chirag says:

    Vivek good one again, but a rebuttal now,

    @film actresses marry software engineers: Dude WTF, I didn’t know this who did marry whom???
    @highest paid jobs; not for long he he he economic recession now.
    Point 4 and 1 are in contradiction.

    Any how, you know what me to is a sw engineer :(

  5. Vivek says:

    @ chirag


    point 1: I still think computer science is the easiest engineering subject to learn.

    hmm.. there are actresses like divya unni and kanika who are married to soft engineers. and the latest one is kavya madhavan!! (not yet married, though)

    @ economic recession: Well, i agree.. but, it would be coming up again, right?

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