Adwait rocks..

Adwait is my younger cousin brother who is 11 years old. Being the parents of 21st century my uncle and aunt want my cousins to be MASTERS of all trade, where the kids are supposed to be superheroes who studies well, plays marvelously, sings, dance, knows to use a couple of musical instruments and what not. And interestingly Adwait manages to meet most of his parent’s requirements even though there he attends a dozen schools.

And one among those requirement is that they have to pray everyday. But these guys (Adwait and Aditi – my cousins) being smart find their own ways to make thes hours productive like eating, drawing, playing with me while chanting. Even though it seems completely fine for me, it annoys my aunt like hell. And one such day they were fired and forced to concentrate on their prayers. And aunt sat with them and recited

Hare Rama, Hare Krishna

Rama Rama Hare Hare

And then comes Adwait’s comment, “Amma, what do you mean by HARE?“.


She doesn’t knows the meaning. Even my grandma doesn’t knows the meaning. None in the house knows the meaning of HARE. Now, isn’t that a convincing reason for not praying? (But my aunt knows a lot other mantras for which she knows the meanings, poor kids).

PS: Those who knows the meaning of HARE raise their hands (without searching for it, obviously).

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10 Responses to Adwait rocks..

  1. Vayanakkaran says:

    njan thottu! :(

  2. shail says:

    Lol. I must say that’s one smart kid!!

  3. Chirag says:

    LOL, “zara si umar aur char char kilo ke baste”

  4. shabin says:

    Hehe! you have a deadly 11yr old cousin. A real googly indeed!!! I liked it and I might toss the same question to my amma when I go home this time.

  5. sujith says:

    “hare” is somewat lik calling Hari.. the Lord Vishnu……. i asked my father.

  6. sujith says:

    for example sombody vil call “vivek” as “viveke”… its somthng lik that

    also he told that its a mantra… n its relted to upanisad n all……..

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