Sorry, you are giving the wrong lessons.

I have this habit of getting into the nice guy’s suit at times. And a few times when I was in the suit I took the risk of teaching some of my classmates. Remember, these are people who did their bachelors in computer science and has a gate score (>95 percentile). This one was the latest that happened.

Me: Well.. forget about the low and intermediate level representation. Consider the control flow of this high level program.

a = 1

if ( a not equal to 0)
print ‘hello’
print ‘world’.

So, what do you think it will print?

Friend 1: world?

Me: WORLD!!!

Friend 1: Hello?

Me: Hmm..

friend 1: Hello World.

I nearly had a nervous breakdown.

Before a few months I happened to overhear one of my classmate trying to make another understand, how important Java is. And all of a sudden I heard the following sentence, which reminded me about Pramode sir’s blog article .

friend 2: Computer Science is JAVA.

Me: ……. …. … so JAVA is a programming language and programming is a part of computer science. You see the difference, don’t you?

friend 2: Yup.. But the biggest part of computer science is Java.

Me: :(

Some people never change!

Once I dared to teach someone a bit of complexity analysis. I could not believe that the guy was not joking when he asked such a question.
Me: .. thus the complexity of the algorithm is O(log^2 n). That is a cool proof, right?
friend 3: Yes. But what is the complexity if the input is not n but m?
Me: !!!

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13 Responses to Sorry, you are giving the wrong lessons.

  1. Its me says:

    “friend 3: Yes. But what is the complexity if the input is not n but m?
    Me: !!!”

    I feel like I too want to do MTech :P ( I Promise I won’t ask THIS question again :D)

  2. Chirag says:

    Ha ha ha so we are still producing Quality Engineers. I though it had stopped with me. BTW, do people Java anymore ? I though C++ was new ‘C’ as apple also have converted all its frameworks in C++.

  3. Vayanakkaran says:

    Had a good laugh..

    And the third one.. Terrific! :)

  4. balagopal says:

    Incident 1 -> I will never, ever believe it.

    Incident 2 -> difference b/w a computer scientist and a jada (oops java) programmer.

    Incident 3 -> was that a challi?

    >> I have this habit of getting into the nice guy’s suit at times.

    seems like you’ve got to do a lot more of that :-)

  5. Vivek says:

    @ it’s me

    I am happy that i could inject a bit of interest in M-Tech studies into your MBA aspiring brain. :P


    You mean the recruitement officers of the 4 companies you worked were stupid.. :P
    BTW, I missed your blog article on change of blog.. and was wondering why you were not updating your blog! :P

    @ Vayanakkaran

    Thank you.. :)


    1: I can understand.. but it’s true… :)

    2: Hehe..

    3: Look at the link in pramode sir’s comment.. :)

    abt the suit.. Even i think so.. but the fact is I looks really odd in that… :P

    @ Pramode sir.

    That’s awesome.

  6. Rema says:

    good one!

    Friend3 – For this you are responsible since you tried to teach him something. :-)

  7. Vivek says:


    :) You have a point there… maybe I should have started with ‘m’ :-P

  8. renjith says:

    This is just to inform all others that vivekettan is the M-Tech topper in CSA.
    (he is yet to give me the treat).

  9. Vivek says:

    @ renjith…

    Done.. You are going to get a treat for sure, buddy. :P

  10. Himanshu says:

    I am still confused…. Isn’t the correct answer “world”?

  11. Vivek says:

    @ Himanshu aka Heman

    Hehe… I also am.. :P

    Very happy to know that you read my blog.. Thank you for commenting, buddy.. :)

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