Exam blues

One good thing about NIT is the policy the professors (most of them) here follow for exam. Back in GEC days, the one with strong wrists and wild imagination had a better chance to score marks than the one who actually knew something about the subject. Marks were mostly given in accordance to the weight of the answer sheet (It is not the fault of GEC but Calicut University).

Over here, we are suppossed to write our answers in the four sheets provided (again, in most of the cases). And mostly, the answers wont exceed 2-3 sheets. Writing exam is not at all a pain (if you know the subject).

PS: Had my first mid-term (of this semester) last week.

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4 Responses to Exam blues

  1. Vayanakkaran says:

    The place where I did my masters, the question paper and answer sheet is the same (for some subjects). Space for writing your answer(s) would be given below the questions. Simple, beautiful!

  2. Chirag says:

    Dude, similar here, my eng, ppl, and specially a 2/3 guys were the benchmark of the length of an answer :(

    12 Marks – 4 Sheets
    5 Marks- 3 Sheets
    2 Marks – 1 Sheet

    This was totally stupid as teachers too followed it, there were a few good one, who actually read the answers, but for most cases it was all bussshit. Ahh..

    There was a girl who did like 40 Sheets, and me I have a small handwriting had to struggle. to keep up he he he. But then In second year I understood, all teachers read first para and last para.

  3. Vivek says:

    @ Vayanakkaran

    We too had one paper of that kind.
    And there are few subjects where you can take all your textbooks along with you to the hall (It wont be of much use though. :P)
    Really beautiful… :)


    I know.. Most girls are as good in writing as they are in talking. There was this girl who usually sit in front of me for exams and she used to take 20(!) extra sheets (an extra sheet has 4 sides) on an average. While I struggle to manage 7 or 8. (10 is my all time highest)

    Hehe… There was a friend of mine who had small hand writing too.. He managed to fix the problem by wrinting in alternate lines..

  4. renjith says:

    Long live NITC!!!!!!!

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