The Great Indian Revolt

I have been mentioning about the computer science department of NIT Calicut in some of my earlier posts. As I mentioned there are some really good professors who are as good as IIT professors and the level of technical knowledge and teaching skills they posses are awesome. The students are encouraged to get into research and the institute is producing international papers every year. I was terribly worried about this.I believe this is a conspiracy by some western countries, trying to inject their corrupt western thoughts about research and studies into our wonderful, innocent and cool college environment.

But, there is this one person who is fighting against all odds, preserving our thoughts, culture and morals. There are a lot of stories associated with this guy but now let us see the latest one told by Sabu in his  post. The following is the OS question paper for S6 B-Tech students (taken from Sabu’s post) designed(invented?) by our hero… Have a great time reading.

S6 Computer Seience Paper

a.Get the all events occur at process is  assigning to the CPU. Explain with queueing diagram.  # ??!!#%$#

2.Define formula about exponential average in SIF Algorithm.

3.When a new process arrives into the ready queue in SJF is preemptive and as well as in non preemptive. Give answer “precisely”.

4.When a new process arrives into the ready queue in priority scheduling is preemptive and as well as in non preemptive. Give “relevant” answers.


Just after reading Sabu’s post, I went to the superhero’s profile in the institute website to see these wonderful spellings…

Areas of interest and General Expertise: Network security & Cryptogrphy , Datawere House(Shouldn’t it be DATA WHERE HOUSING? :P)

Courses Offered: Coputer Hardware , Security in Computinng (Well, security definitely involves crypted data), Object Oriented Analysis & Design (Now, isn’t that amazing that he managed with ‘oriented’, ‘analysis’ and ‘design’ )..

The department and the institute seems to be blind towards his dedicated efforts that they fail to acknowledge his contributions. So, let me take this oppurtunity to dedicate this post to the ONE.

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9 Responses to The Great Indian Revolt

  1. Vayanakkaran says:


    Oru curry aavumbo erivum puliyum ellam venallo.
    Athu pole oru college avumbo ellaam vendae?


  2. Avenger says:

    Vivek said : “Now, isn’t that amazing that he managed with ‘oriented’, ‘analysis’ and ‘design’ “…

    Now, now, now, dont go overestimating our hero’s skills!!! The footnote on the said page reads : “[b]Site maintained by Web Management Committee of NITC.[/b]” :D

    Probably the only words to credit our hero with in his profile would be “datawere house”… you really cant expect the web management committee guys to know what that could stand for, right??

  3. Vivek says:

    @ Vayanakkaran

    Ellathinum oru paakamundallo.. :)




    WOW.. More readers! Cool..

    Hehe.. you got a point…

    And, why the name ‘Avenger’??

  4. Sreenu Naik B says:

    There is no big deal, if your English is wrong. You can best express yourself in your mother tongue. English today is filled with Latin and Greek words and their derivations. So add Indian ones too.

    Mistakes do occur. No one is perfect. You guys are damaging the reputation of NITC and CSE in particular. I dont care about mine, because I am only a spec in the universe.

    Is there anything more left to speak about the bloody Mallu accent English!!!

    Mallus pronounce for as four.
    Want more words – total, your koRikode, on,…

    And ECE students are in no position to comment on this. Interpretation is possible only if you know the subject. Better mind your own business.

  5. Sreeeenu NAYAK FAN says:

    English today, atho India Today aano??? Your are a SPEC in the universe, but also a LECTURER in a reputed institute like NIT Calicut. Better make the corrections in your web page, or else it will damage YOU TOO even if you are a KIDU….

  6. Vivek says:

    @ Sreenu Nayak B.

    I completely agree…

    I personally think that ‘English’ is not open to quick reforms..

    It is a pity that ‘for’ is pronounced as ‘four’ for all these years.. It is high time they change it to ‘five’, ‘six’ or ‘thousand’.

    So, you people out there, raise your voice… Let us create a reformed, 21st century ‘English’.. Join hands with us..

    @ the fan..

    Cool man…. Cool… :)

  7. Chirag says:

    Dude, I failed in the test above.

  8. Hailstone says:

    So simple questions ;)

  9. Vivek says:

    @ Chirag

    Hehe…. So, did I!

    @ Hailstone

    For us (GEC ians) these are nothing, right?

    (Ithalla, ithinte appuram chaadi kadanavaranee………)

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