Sagar Alias Jacky – Movie Review

It was tough for me to find time in between the busy schedule of preparing for two seminars, a term paper, couple of assignments and attending RAGAM (a college art fest + Shankar Mahadevan, Benny Dayal, Breathe Floyd concerts + LOTS of GORGEOUS GIRLS) to go for this movie, but still I managed to.

Now, this movie is stylish. With luxuries like cruiser boats, Pajeero-Prado cars, item dance (by Jyothirmayee where she shed clothes) and foreign villains, it resembles a Bollywood movie. And I have no words to describe the story; it doesn’t has one. The whole theme that the movie convey is that the only one who has the capability to think and who knows how to use a gun properly is Sagar (Mohanlal).

If you remember I had once mentioned about my ultimate aim of being an underworld don. Irupatham Nootandu was one of the movies which contributed to the wish when i was a kid. The Sagar in that movie uses his intelligence for getting things done. In contrary to that Sagar in this movie, the sequel of Irupatham Nootandu, accomplishes stuffs with muscle and super heroic powers.

And adding to the fun, the 21 year old Bhavana (BTW, she looks great), a journalist, falls in love with Sagar, which was so nice to incorporate as it would have been pretty tough for Jagathy, to handle the whole comedy alone, otherwise.

So, if you wish to watch the movie, rush to the closest theater…. :)

PS: It has been long since I mentioned the song I am listening to. Current Song is this.

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3 Responses to Sagar Alias Jacky – Movie Review

  1. Vayanakkaran says:


    So, shall I go watch the movie? or Not?
    Well, that Bhavana/Jyothirmayi part – for that I might go.
    But is the rest any good?
    (Don’t ask me how will I go) :)

    PS: And if you want to be a DON, start giving people offers that they cannot refuse. And make them pay you back later! :) [pay me back for this advice later when I ask for ;) ]

  2. Hailstone says:

    We went for the movie, pakshe ticket kittiyilla :(

    Heard it’s a stylish movie with no story, that could be compared with Big B.. I mean, many scenes in the film are similar to those in Big B..

  3. Vivek says:

    @ Vayanakkaran


    Do, you remember advising me, to keep the suspense/conclusion till the end, in my last movie review post to keep the reader read the whole article?
    I just went a step ahead by not mentioning it at all in the post. :P

    And, about going for the movie…. I would say NO.

    @ PS: :) Isn’t that from GODFATHER??? :)

    @ Hailstone

    You will easily get tickets next week provided the movie is running…. :)

    About the Big-B thing – very true.

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