A bullet struck my ass..

No, no, no.. I am not into any gun games. I am talking about the Royal Enfield Bullet. I own a brand new Royal Enfield Bullet 350. :)

We bought it from Ernakulam, rode to Idukki day before yesterday and registered it yesterday at Idukki RTO. KL-6E-2353 is the registration number (The sum comes to 13!!!).

The wild idea of buying a bullet came to my mind during end semester exams, two weeks back. The initial idea was to buy a used bike but it turned out like this finally.

This is the bike.

From Bullet

The panel is the worst part. It does not even have a fuel gauge!

From Bullet

But, that is a small fault. I can live with it. :)

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8 Responses to A bullet struck my ass..

  1. Vayanakkaran says:

    Green with Envy! :)

    Orunaal njaanum… :)

  2. Anish Bhaskaran says:

    :( i too just have to say the same…
    envy jealousy.. there are just not enough words to explain..

  3. Hailstone says:

    Eniku asooya onnum thonunnilla tto… :)


  4. Rema says:

    hello nee appo Bike odikkan padicho? :-)

  5. Vivek says:

    @ Anish and Priya


    @ Rema

    You mean Odikkan as in ‘Driving’ or as in ‘Breaking’?? :P

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  7. devidas says:

    Entammo, enikk asoooya nallonam thonane!! :( cheers bro! now, u r officially a bulleteer!! :)

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