Thousand words at my fingertip.

In a crazy moment, last week, I bought a camera – FUJIFILM S2000, and that makes me a Fujifilm owner holding an almost empty bank account :P. The following is the picture  of the camera taken in my web cam.

From My Cam

I was really wondering what could a person who thinks photography is just about clicking a button do with a 10 Mpixel, 15x optical zoom camera. But when I reached hostel I was welcomed with a great news yesterday. The ‘International hostel’, an hostel upon which I have a wonderful view from my window, is getting converted to ladies hostel!

This is a view of the hostel from my window. (I guess, you can see that building..)

From International Hostel

And this is a zoomed version

From International Hostel

It seems my photographic skills are going to improve exponentially.. ;)

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12 Responses to Thousand words at my fingertip.

  1. Rema says:

    Hey i know you are thinking that they could have made it a ladies hostel last year itself. You lost 1 year. Its ok. Some more months left. Enjoy maadi.

  2. Vayanakkaran says:

    Aaa badaam maram murichu kalayanam.. alle?

  3. Vishakh says:

    oru 30x avayirunnu……

  4. Kishore says:

    That camera looks much more powerful than just “10 Mpixel and 15x optical zoom”. Try fiddling with things like aperture and exposure settings, which professional photographers do, to get better images. Better look up a tutorial on photography!

  5. Vivek says:

    @ Rema

    Athe athe… :(


    Entamme…. That is impressive.. Enikku Badam aanennu ariyillaayirunnu.

    And I had that thought (of cutting the tree) when I was taking the photograph. ;)

    @ Vishakh


    @ Kishore

    I got some online tutorial… Should go through it… :)

  6. nipun says:

    kuranganu poomala kittiya pole………………..

  7. Sujith H says:

    Awesome buddy :) Still I don’t get time to explore my cam :( After the NIT event I took my cam last friday.

  8. Vivek says:

    @ Nipun

    dey dey…

    @ hailstone

    :) Thanks

    @ Sujith

    Njan athinathrakku busy onnum allallo.

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  10. Shas says:

    Congo! for the new camera n d bike. The second pic of the building from International Hostel is good. Start a flickr account its a great way of learning n showcasing your pics.

  11. Vivek says:

    @ shas

    Danks.. :)

    Why flickr? Why not picasa??

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