Matrimonial Ad for my friend.

This guy, Veeru, from Andhra Pradesh sits next to me in lab. In a casual talk yesterday he told about the qualities he seeks in his wife and asked me to inform him if I find one (Do I really look like one of that kind? maybe, I can make a living out of it). Anyways, the best I can do now is to give a a matrimonial ad here in Necker Cubicle which is read by zillions of people. :P

Veeru’s dream girl,

1. should possess very good character.
2. should be religious (in a protestant christian way.)
3. should be intelligent.
4. should be a virgin.
5. should be merciful. (I think he meant to himĀ  :P)
6. should be beautiful. (atleast like an angel, he says)
7. should be simple, which in his words is queit and calm.
8. should have good communication skills!
9. should be daring.
10. should have leadership quality.
11. should sing wonderfully.
12. should be honest (enough to tell him all her secrets)

Veeru thinks that men need to give only his educational qualification to describe himself. Anyways with my persuasion he said something about himself. The following is what Veeru wants to share to the world about him.


1. is doing M-Tech in NIT Calicut.
2. does project on cloud computing! (which has very high significance in married life)
3. His principle in life is “If You Believe In Yourself, Anything Is Possible! ”
4. is simple.
5. possess good skills in Java programming. (the daily chores are automated these days and this skill could really help you out)

Feel free to contact if interested.

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4 Responses to Matrimonial Ad for my friend.

  1. SuMeSh says:

    Abe kuttee kuch acha likh..

  2. balu says:

    so he plans to marry 12 girls

  3. Vayanakkaran says:

    Great…. Words fail me. (Rather, the words I have now wouldn’t be published ;) )

    He could test his skill/quality #3 by “Belieiving that such a girl would come to his life”. It should be possible then… right?

  4. vivek t.v. says:

    you should write your ideas also in the coming post

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