Coffee with Vivek – 3

Today, we have the one and only Shabin M P (‘MP’ is for ‘Mathangathalayil something’ and not ‘Member of Parliment’) as our special guest in ‘Coffee with Vivek’. He was my classmate from GEC Thrissur and also my neighbour at hostel. There was this room adjacent to ours from where the weirdest of sounds used to come all the day long which most of us believed was haunted for 3 years. And then one day we realised that this young, dazzling music aspirant lives there and the ghostly sounds were the magic of his finger tips on keyboard.. And now he has grown to a great musician and I present “Shabin M P”

Me:     Where are you from?
SM:     Vadakara
Me:     Does the place has something to do with Vadaas? Just out of curiosity?
SM:     I don’t think so. I haven’t found anything weird abt the vadaas here other than the hole.
Me:     When did you get into music?
SM:     I used to sing when I was a baby. I guess everyone gets into music in their childhood days.
Me:     wow… so as a baby you used to cry out in Melody, right?…
SM:     When I cry, I just cry. I can’t bother abt crying intune. Singing and crying are 2 worlds apart.
Me:    But critics say it is just the mike between you and the audience that partitions the two!!
So, with so much passion why did you choose computer science as your graduate mains?
SM:    I was a regular confused kid when I passed +2
Me:    ‘Was’??? Ahem… never mind
SM:    hehe. I’m pretty much clear abt my career now. I wasn’t like that when I was 17

Me:    So which is your favorite instrument ?
SM:    Can you pick a favorite star when you see thousand stars?
It’s the collection of stars that makes the night look so wonderfull
Me:    So you mean for you it is all dearest.
SM:   Yes, all of them.
Me:   But critics say you love FLUTE the most.. you want to comment anything about it?
SM:   Show Me the critic who said that!!! (Beats of anger drumming in the background)
Me:   Sorry sir, Necker Cubicle does not provides escort service.

Me:   Were you one among those college celebrities?
SM:   Stardom is still a mirage for me. I was not a star when I was in college
Me:   Oh!!! You were unnoticed… ??
SM:   I won’t say I was unnoticed. I never did show up.
Me:   Don’t you think it was because of your lean body rather than your absence???
Anyways…What project are you in right now?
SM:   There are a few plans which I can’t tell right now.
Me:   Giggles…
Me:   People say that your music is heavily INFLUENCED by songs like ‘jana gana mana’ and ‘Mile sur mera tumhara’. Why do you think it is so???
SM:   It is not true.. Show me those people and I’ll show them my true color.
Me:   if not ‘Jana gana mana’ then what else is it ?
SM:   I’m heavily influenced by what ever good music I’ve heard so far.
Me:  That is informative… Sounds like Anu Malik though… :P
Heard that you were in a lot of relationships??
So which one among them is your favorite? Abhishek, Luv or Ilesh??
SM:  Abhi… Grr… Question unclear.
Me:  Oops.. sorry.. that one was for the interview with Raakhi Sawant!
Me:  So… do you have any Message to give to the music aspirants and not so aspirant readers of Necker Cubicle?
SM:  All of you keep away from music for an year. Let me try once…
Me:  All the best from all of us!!

PS: Jokes apart, this guy is extremely talented and all of us (my classmates) are damn sure that he’ll reach great heights and make our country proud one day. And will give a lot of money to me as well (when he becomes rich).

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6 Responses to Coffee with Vivek – 3

  1. Vayanakkaran says:

    A good one…. :)

    Poor chap though! ;)


  2. Sandeep says:

    Not doubts in his talent. He can do wonders.

  3. Its mE says:

    eppozhe SM-enthe oru fanaayi naan :D

  4. Vivek says:

    @ Vayanakkaran

    Thank you.


    @ Sandeep

    for sure

    @ Its me

    Hehe… I’ll let him know. :)

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