Selling my ideas.

Back in primary school it meant to convince my friends about the pencil box tree in my backyard and the swimming pool at my stairs.

Then in high school it meant to make my parents believe that report card wont be sent home due to the fire at school.

And in college it meant; to fake severe aches for help in assignments, to fake (to prof) that those were self-written.

In the short period of industry exposure it meant to project my irritating bugs as wonderful features.

Finally today, it was to present a new algorithm to my professor (read it as perfectionist) in a subject he is GOD at and to get it approved. And my idea has been approved! The couple of sleepless nights were not fruitless!! :)

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9 Responses to Selling my ideas.

  1. Vayanakkaran says:

    :) :)

    Good to hear.. that.

    If you are a good salesman, why don’t you sell something good – “education”?
    Be a teacher?

  2. Vibha says:

    Kangarulations… :-)

  3. Rema says:

    “And in college it meant; to fake severe aches for help in assignments, to fake (to prof) that those were self-written.”

    I believe atleast in the last two-three semesters of B.Tech you didn’t have to fake headache :-)

  4. renjith says:

    “Sleepless nights”—-Uvvu Uvvvu!!!

  5. Vivek says:

    @ Vayanakkaran

    I am not that good, yet, to be a teacher..
    But, it definitely is in my mind.. :)

    When and where are the unanswered questions!! :)

    @ Vibha chechi..

    Thank you! :)

    @ Rema

    Yup… I am always thankful to lakshmy chechi for that!!! :)

    @ Renjith..


    Last two nights were!!! :)

  6. Vayanakkaran says:

    Hmmm… time will slowly give you the answers.. :)

    [by the way, the question I posed was from a book - the last lecture. That is the question make the author think seriously about teaching and he becamse a damn-good one.] :)

  7. shail says:

    So you started this convincing act quite early on eh?? :P
    Good that you got the approval from thr GOD Professor !

  8. Vivek says:


    :).. I was suiting to the world quite earlier… :P

    Thank you..

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