People say that we live in a world of greed and hatred, but for me I see love everywhere – in the gallery, in open air theatre, in the shades, in an empty classroom. I can say that if you look for it you can actually see that love is all around you. I was talking about Ragam, the cultural festival of NITC, when you can see the act of love making in plenty (Ooph, I am so jealous :P).

So, about Ragam 2010. Pro shows and the crowd (read it as girls from all over Kerala) are the two important factors that makes Ragam interesting. Comparing to the preceding years both of those categories failed to meet the expectations..  Pro shows by KK and Naresh Iyer were not even 7 miles near to last years Benny Dayal’s and Shankar Mahadevan’s. It sounded funny and so desperate when a performer in Naresh Iyer’s troop asked the audience to light their mobile phones and wave in accordance to the music. I can never say the programs were completely boring since I didn’t wait to see those completely.

And the crowd was one halve that of 2009 edition of Ragam. Ranjith, who is really good at numbers, was telling that it was around 1350 last year and 450 now.

Apart from that, the overall rating of the programs were average. Nothing more than any other college art festival. I watched around 6-7 programs and also thought of submitting a letter for “love letter competition”. It did not happen though :).

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6 Responses to Ragam.

  1. Shalini says:

    Hey!! u shud’ve submitted the letter.. u r good in writing fake love letters (though u dont have the guts to write a real one :P)

  2. Vivek says:

    What made you think that I cannot write a real one!! I am so good at it.. :P

  3. vayanakkaran says:


  4. Vayanakkaran says:

    I was there for Raagam 2000! Wow, 10 years went by!

  5. Vivek says:

    @ vayanakkaran

    The presence making comment went to spam somehow!! :)

    And time is super sonic these days.. :)

  6. Vayanakkaran says:

    I would prefer “attendance sheet-l itta oppaakunna aa kuthu” :P

    And yeah.. time flies.. but we’re the pilots.

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