One day @ Massage parlor.

Myself and Sumesh went to a near by Ayurvedic Center to have a complete body massage, yesterday. The closest of a massage I had before was when my little sister, Aditi, walked over me as a part of her game. So this was the first experience I had with massaging and I should say it was awesome.

We were asked to wear a langotti which is a small piece of cloth that barely covers anything. That was a little embarrassing initially, to be in that attire with 2 masseur (btw, they were men :P). But after they started massaging there was not enough time to think about anything else other than enjoying the massage.

Almost all my muscles and tissues were given attention and it feels so rejuvenated now. The whole thing went for around one and half hours and I fell asleep at the end when they were massaging my face. They charged us Rs. 400 each (Since I don’t have any previous experience, I guess that to be a fair price).

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5 Responses to One day @ Massage parlor.

  1. Vayanakkaran says:

    Hmm… a loin-cloth :P

    Next time go to female masseurs… you may have to pay more though… but it would be a massage for your mind as well as body! ;)

  2. Vivek says:


    That is a good idea.. but it seems tough to find cross massage centers in kerala!

  3. Renjith says:

    Ureka!!! A good business opportunity , right ?
    Nammude “ennathoni” cross aakiyaal instant hit aayirikkum allle?

  4. Shas says:

    Hmm….nice pamper for a tired body.. :D

  5. Vivek says:

    @ Renjith

    Pinnalla… :)

    @ Shas

    :) It definitely was.. :)

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