Vivek’s Cloth Washing Algorithm.

From Necker cubicle

PS: Should be the same for almost all boys!! :)

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8 Responses to Vivek’s Cloth Washing Algorithm.

  1. hanoosh says:

    We have got washing machine in our hostel

  2. Shalini says:

    Hey blue moon occurs every two or three years [wiki]. So are you saying you wash clothes atleast once in 3 years?? !!!

    Its hard to believe! :P

  3. Vivek says:

    @ hanoosh..

    In the best university in India, they should provide you with those… :)


    :P .

  4. Sho says:

    Algorithm seems to be perfect and optimized. Can’t think of a better one ;)

  5. Vayanakkaran says:

    I’ve got washing machine in my building and my washing cycle repeats in 2 weeks … and I am perhaps too clean among boys! :)

  6. Vivek says:

    @ Sho

    :). Do yo know that I work on optimizations now!. :P

    @ Vayanakkaran

    It is a different case with washing machines.. :)

    Washing once in 2 weeks is way too clean… :)

    @ Shas


  7. Rekha says:

    good algo… but what is the pre-condition for Washing?

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