Coffee with Vivek – 4

This is different from the earlier versions of ‘Coffee with Vivek’, where I bug my close friends and make them say stupid things and publish it here for the sake of increasing my blog entries. In the previous entries there weren’t any anonymity and the people whom I was referring to were they themselves. This time it is different and I choose not to disclose whom I am talking with. So for the sake of anonymity let us call her ‘Serena Williams’. Now, this person, in spite of being an intelligent girl she is one of the nuttiest of persons I ever met. To say more about this person, she is athletic and plays tennis :P. Anyways, some days back I was browsing with my gtalk on and then..

SW: Avivekam, are you there? (Some people call me ‘a  vivek’ :P)

Me: Yes

SW: avivekame, there is a personal sorrow I want to share with u. Are you ready?

me: ok!

SW: Most men whom i meet always think bad things abt me.

Me: Maybe you are bad.. Hehe..

SW: No, not like that. We start of as friends and then their attitude changes

me: oh ok. “THAT” bad.

SW: Is it the same with all men or is it specific to some women only?

me: Hmmm, it is quite funny.. I am also a man whom you know so isn’t that weird to ask me that question?

SW: You must say whatever you truly feel like. I need to know the truth!

me: Oh..  The question is not that clear. Can you rephrase the question?

SW: Do all you men think the same when it comes to women?

me: Ooph.. That is a tough question to answer. But I should say ‘yes’. When the girl is a stranger, she is a THING for most men. A THING of beauty is a joy forever. You don’t ogle or flirt with your friends or sisters but you do it always with strangers. I mean, most men.


me: Oh! You caught me in the friends part! :P

SW: So when people touch me, they are doing it because i am a thing.

me: Well, I don’t know exactly. But the way you are expressing, I think YES.

SW: Did I ever mention you that you remind me of my cousin’s kid back home.

Me: No!!

SW: One more question. What if I was just a stranger and you saw me on the street? What would go through your mind?

Me: What the heck?? I wont see you even with a hubble attached to my eye. There are zillion others.

SW: Avivekam, I need the truth.

(Has she gone mad?? Or have I ever ogled at her?.. No way!!)

Me: It is the Truth. I wont even notice you. My ogling sense is so high. I ogle only the prettiest of girls.

SW: So, I am not pretty?

Me: They say “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. And you are not to my pair of eyes. I think this is going a little wild. I am getting embarrassed.

SW: You are such a nice kid.

me: I know that I am a nice person and I am not a KID. I hate people calling/considering me as a kid. I am a 24 yr old boy. Anyways, I got to go. Bye Bye.

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10 Responses to Coffee with Vivek – 4

  1. Vayanakkaran says:

    what a nice kid… err… man.

    She said that with a pinch of sarcasm.. :P

    and poor SW, didn’t she have anyone else to clarify her doubts? :P

  2. Vivek says:


    Vinashakaale vipareetha budhi, ennalle.. :)

  3. renjith says:

    I can’t hold back the curiosity…
    From the salutation ‘avivekame’ I could make a guess…
    Just one question..Do I know her? (If yes then hihihi :)

  4. Vivek says:

    @ renjith

    :) ;)

  5. Nipun says:

    haha ippolannu vaayichathu…………..
    she calles me nipuname………


  6. Shas says:

    Hey kid…..u will always be a man no matter which kiddo calls u what :p

  7. Vibha says:

    Well.. I wonder how SW took your comment that she isn’t pretty so lightly, though u perfectly attached it to a “beauty lies in the beholder” tag. I guess that is the reason she called u a kid,just to hide her embarrassment,basically to make it “obvious” that she doesn’t consider u as a potential ‘friend turned lover’.

  8. Vibha says:

    he he good one..but since this is a cofee chat, u shud consider taking sips of coffee in between :)

  9. Vivek says:

    @ Nipun and Shas


    @ Vibha chechi

    Nice to see you again.. :)

    Hehe.. probably… but I was helpless.. I don’t know to which level she would have taken this if I said she was pretty .. :P

  10. Anish Bhaskaran says:

    “I am a 24 yr old boy.” When you don’t consider yourself a man, how can you expect others to do so? :P

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