The wrong turn.

I am typing this with bandages all over my hand and a stitch in my forehead :).

Met with an accident in my Calicut-Thrissur ride, yesterday. The blog (?) would have been something else if not for the helmet (which is now a broken helmet).

And about the heading: I took a different route this time. From Valanchery I took a bypass road to Kuttipuram and that is where I fell down. Oh yes, no vehicle came and hit me, I just fell down myself. A turning which appeared all of a sudden, gravelled road and sudden application of the break made the process smooth and clean. :)..

Anyways, I am still alive to bore you all… :)

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11 Responses to The wrong turn.

  1. Shas says:

    Hey buds, hope ur fine now. Am glad to know that u were wearing ur helmet and there is not much of casualty.
    Do take care n have a speedy recovery.
    Get well soon.

  2. Vivek says:

    Thanks Shas.. :)

  3. Shalini says:

    U could’ve kept a photo!! Jerry showed me one.. U look good :P

  4. jereesh says:

    It was like “mangalaseri neelakandan”. …. sathyathil sidil koode etho penkuttikal nadannu poyatha veezhaan karanam

  5. Rema says:

    Get well soon. I am happy that this didn’t happen during Insignia :-) So what about coming to B’lore?

  6. Vivek says:

    @ Shalini.

    :) That is a general truth.. :P

    @ Jereesh

    hehe.. so true..

    @ rema

    thanks. What happened to me was much worse :P

    Blore trip is unchanged. hope to meet you soon.. :)

  7. vayanakkaran says:

    Oh man…!!!
    good to know that you’re fine.. Be very very careful…

    - njan.

    in fact, on 22 and 23, I was on a bike trip too..
    You’ll see/read the details soon.

  8. vayanakkaran says:

    and yes, get well soooooon… and get back to the bike (which is not much damaged I guess)

  9. Vivek says:

    @ Vayanakkaran

    I am almost in the well (ellam sheriyaayi ennu) :)

    Bike is fine but my parents went to the ‘Say no to 2 wheelers’ mode.. :(

    Wow (abt your trip), you might have crossed some limits, right? (200??) :)

  10. balu says:

    :-0.. thank god…
    Get well soon..

  11. Vivek says:

    @ balu

    Thanks man! :)

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