Adieu NITC

Two years back I joined NIT Calicut for M-tech and now I am a Master in Computer Science, at least in records. :P

NITC has been a great experience. The shallowness of my knowledge was exposed. My knowledge on computer science has increased exponentially both in theoretical and system side aspects of the field. I have earned experience in handling high-tech software tools and in understanding high standard international journals with ease. My programming has improved to a level that I can code 10000 lines of code in an hour with one hand.

LOL!! You believed that, didn’t you? :P

M-Tech at NITC was an extension of B-Tech life. There has been good technical exposure. But more than that there were a big group of friends who made my life brighter during this 2 years. Similar to B-Tech, I managed to get a handful of GREAT friends and unlike B-Tech my friend group was a heterogeneous one.

Thought of mentioning some of those who had been an integral part of my M-Tech life..

Arun Bhai: The Big Brother. Without you the trips were impossible…

Merin: Crazy, Intelligent and Systematic. Gonna miss the way you arrange things.

Jereesh: With whom I share the girl stuffs. Hope you remember the plans we had!!

Jyothisha Chechi: Sister to me. Will miss the pleasant smile of yours and all those free coffees..

Vineela: Was fun teasing you. Thank you for not beating me up.. :)

Sumesh: Marathi guy, who always had his love story to share.

Shalini: My Best friend at NITC. I will miss proving rubbish theories! :(

Thushara chechi: Baskin and Robins!! (:P). Gonna miss all those american gifts :P

Rekha Chechi: Thank you for all the support during project. When can we have our next bike ride?

Christy: Simplest guy I had ever seen. Keep your cool man and all the best with Geethu. ;)

Bindu Chechi: So much tension!! Yes, you can Bindhu chechi…

Renjith, Nipun and Kishore: You have been wonderful. Never thought of making friends from your sect.

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12 Responses to Adieu NITC

  1. Shal says:

    Whats with the order u bloody fool?? At first I thought its alphabetical!! But no!! U deliberately made me 7th!!

  2. Its mE says:

    @ Shal

    Now you got it , right ?

    hehe .. Thats why I wanted you to check it out :P

  3. Anish Bhaskaran says:

    Congratulations buddy!!!

  4. renjith says:


    And we r going to miss ur ‘fabricated philosophies’ ,quite dearly…

  5. Vivek says:

    @ Shal

    Your names comes in the middle of the list!! :)

    @ Anish

    Thanks man… :)

    @ Renjith

    Fabricated Philosophies and me!!! Eppo!!! ?? :P

  6. Kishore says:


    It was great to have you with us during the last two years… All the FOSS debacles(!) and the lighter moments… I’ll never forget them.

    Wish you all the best for your Pichidi. ;) BTW, When are you joining?

  7. Vivek says:

    @ kishore

    Thank you man… I am leaving on aug 12. :)

  8. Shal says:

    U were supposed to write “center”!!! what am i gonna do with you?!!!

  9. Merin says:

    Hey, can I say dis was ur best blog?… hehe…. :)
    Its always nostalgic wen any of u start it all over, saying about each n evrybody in d group n making it miss worser!!!!!
    Miss u all.. (if dey r reading dis… else Viveke, U can convey my feelings to the group of friends U know *operator* I know!!, U know.. :P. :)

  10. Rekha says:

    I think the group was more than what you just described :) some things you cannot just express in few words….

  11. Nipun says:

    nevr saw this article …………..

    miss all those fabulous discussions we had about every other subject under the sun(of course except Computer Science!!!!)

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