Relatively yours!!

The problem with being a product of a nuclear family is that I know none of my level-4 relatives (Well, there are exceptions with celebrity relatives who are even at level 10). Now one might think what is the big deal in not knowing my cousin’s cousin’s cousin’s cousin or aunt. It is not, if you are sitting at home typing junk in your blog but it is, if you are in a wedding party when these level-4 aunties recognises you with your star-sign, name (nickname!) and the naughtiest (stupidest?) thing you did when you were at an age of 2. How hard I try to get all those names into my cranium this happens to me over and over again.

To add more spice to it the aunties or grand aunties (not because they are ‘grand’ but just because they are old) are capable enough to revenge you back for your ignorance.

I was attending this wedding a couple of days back at my dad’s ancestral place. And as you know with the PhD admission I was feeling asif I were Vijay Malliya (infact Dr. Vijay Malliya) even though I have no clue how I am going to pass the exams at NTU. So, I was sitting in a corner observing the beautiful girls running around the bridegroom when these two aunties came smiling at me. I had seen one of the aunty in some other function but could not recollect the name. Anyways, I smiled back wonderfully and they approached with the classical question.

Aunty 1 & 2: Do you know me, vivek dear?

Me: What aquestion!? Of course..

Aunty 1: Ok.. Then tell who??

Me: Gulp!! Ahem.. What’s in a name??

Aunty 2: Aah.. These days kids don’t even know their parents let alone relatives..

Aunty 1: BTW, Where are you working now?

Me: Well, I am not working. I am planning for studies.

Aunty 1: You finished studying 3-4 years backs, right?

Me: That is B-Tech. I am planning for higher studies.

Aunty 1: (to Aunty2 ) You know Sreejesh of Kallumpurathu, he is 3 years younger than him and got a job in Technopark just after his B.A.

Aunty 2: He is a smart fellow. He even ordered for an Alto car. Where are you going to study, by the way?

Me: Singapore.

Aunty 1: (to Aunty 2) You know what? Engineers from America calls Sree when they have problems. And he is the one who solves it for them. That too from here.

Aunty 2: OK mone, Try to be smarter than just being a book worm. You’ll also get a good job.

Aunty 1: And next time don’t forget our names..

Me: (And when did you tell me your names) Nodding with the same smile.

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9 Responses to Relatively yours!!

  1. Shas says:

    Buddy you are not the only one. Reading your post made me realize that its been really long since i last met my relatives and cousins. Some of my cousins got married and have kids now, i wonder if they will recognize me if i would pass by them.
    Howz ur Ph.D thing going on?

  2. Vivek says:

    @ Shas


    I am leaving on august 12th.

  3. Shal says:

    :) is all of it true?? Or were there masala from your part?? Nyway good article!! :)

  4. njan says:


    IIT and ITI confusion enikkormayundu…

    Ivide aduthulla ITI-yil onnum kittiyille? Madras-le kittiyulloo seat?

    (njanum angane vittu.. IIT enthannokke explain cheyyan budhimuttayirunnu)

  5. Vivek says:

    @ Njan

    haha.. :)

    NIT aalukal NIIT aakaarundu… athu pole experience ullavur munpe poyittundallo!! :)

  6. Shas says:

    @ Vivek,
    All the best buds for 12th August :)
    For how long you will be away?

  7. Priya says:

    Best Wishes…

  8. Vivek says:

    @ Shal

    What do you think? :P

    Thank you, btw.. :)

    @ Priya

    Thank you.. :)

  9. Pavani says:

    Haha Nice post. I had similar experience :) . After Btech I joined a Not So known Start up….(not like infy tcs wipro kind of companies ,these companies every household in India knows ) and a lady was boasting about her son who was working in one of these companies and saying I wasnt smart enough because I did not join those companies :) …). She was suggestong her son to my parents for me :D . ( I didn’t marry him though !!)

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