Should I have taken the blue pill?

It has been a week since I reached Singapore and I got matriculated last week as a student at NTU. Most part of my life, I lived the life of a student. In fact I am a veteran in studentship and it should not be a problem for me to lead a student life. But somehow there is a tinge of fear somewhere in the corner of my mind.

For all these years I lived a chaotic life, which I enjoyed, and it worked perfectly well with me. But now this country, with all its beauty and wealth, is filled with lives in order. It is so ordered that it is scaring me. It scares me if my way of student life works here, it scares me if I can diffuse with the way of student life that works here, it scares me if I change that way will I end up being a serious, boring geek!

Now, I don’t have answers for any of them.  The other part of my mind which consoles me has got this point that I had similar feelings when I joined GEC Thrissur for B-Tech and I got over it. Probably this will take a similar path too..

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7 Responses to Should I have taken the blue pill?

  1. Shal says:

    Hmm.. dint feel that at NITC???

  2. njan says:

    kooduthal ariyan kathirikkunnu…

  3. Vivek says:

    @ Shal

    Nah.. With all you people in there I knew that I could do really well.. :P

    @ Njan

    Udan pratheekshippin!! :)

  4. Shas says:

    Hey so you are finally there :)
    Life is all about changes and transitions.
    It will take you a bit of time to settle down but it will happen eventually.
    Take chill pill n try to enjoy the chaos until then :P
    Oh don’t worry you will never turn into a boring geek.
    All the best !!

  5. Shal says:

    hey!! what does that mean??!!! U knew you could do better than us??!! huh!!

  6. Vivek says:

    @ Shas

    Yah… Reached here finally!!

    Thank you for the chill pill. :)

    @ Shal

    Some things are better left unexplained. :P

  7. Shal says:

    bloody fool!! X-(

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