Trivandrum to Singapore.

From MIsc

The other side of the coin….

From MIsc

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10 Responses to Trivandrum to Singapore.

  1. vayanakkaran says:

    hmm… nice.

  2. vayanakkaran says:

    I really liked the cycle…

  3. Shas says:

    Wow! Nice contrast.
    Cycling can turn out to be a good work out session.
    Enjoy the streets of Singapore :)

  4. Vivek says:

    @ Vayanakkaran

    It is a good one.. and cheaper than in Indian market…

    @ Shas.


  5. Shal says:

    :D nice thought

  6. Vivek says:

    @ Shal

    Njanara mon! :)

  7. Eashwer says:

    You had an ENFIELD?? WOW!!!

  8. Anish Bhaskaran says:

    Sankadam thonunu.. Rajav praja ayi marunnu :(:(:(

    Pakshe ninte aa mudinja thadi orkumbol thonunnu nallatha.. ninakku athu venam :P

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