Poochaykentha Ponnurukunidathu…….

By being at the helm of the evolutionary chain, man has indeed become in charge of our planet. The way man deals with the environment is affecting not only his own destiny, it is affecting the very survival of smaller creatures like us. So let us protect our planet and sustain all its life forms for the sake of all our future….

Guess who said that…….

Its a cat. Oops, its really an insult to call him a cat, THE WONDER CAT… He’s known as cutie boy and he is amazing.. Do you expect me to call him a cat when he understand 8 languages, find solutions for algebraic and geometric problems, tell us earth’s gravity and says the equation of sulphuric acid and know what blue vitriol is…

Everything related  with cutie is strange – his best friend is a parrot  [:o]  – Learn more about cutie here..

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One Response to Poochaykentha Ponnurukunidathu…….

  1. sujith_h says:

    First of all I would like to congratulate for writing the blog once again.. And by the way the article was really good. You should think about the others who are living in our planet.. :) Spreading good messages…

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