Why I wrote the last post.

It has been quite a while since I experienced being the dumbest in a group, especially in a class. There has been times, recently, when I sat dumbfolded in classes, understanding nothing, but then there were more of such people to give me company. That (being the dumbest) was a nostalgic feeling, but not anymore.

Lately, I ended up taking one of my courses from the School of Mathematics. My professor wanted me to take that course (Algebraic Methods) and I was okay with it until the classes started. I am sitting with 19 Maths PhD students for this course where I am the odd one out. Back in India (in the colleges where I studied) I was among the few who actually understood the classes on this course. But over here I am among the few (only one??, I really doubt it!) who get the concept the last/do not get the concept at all.

Not getting the proofs at all was an initial problem. I am now following what is happening in the class. The last post was written in desperation on what happened in class that day. The prof. gave us 6 problems to solve and I could solve only one half of a problem and everyone else did all the 6 (a few ended up in 5)!! I felt terrible.

One good thing about this is that everything else looks easy, be it attending courses from school of engineering, reading papers or cooking :P.

‘Let there be light (in my head!)’

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10 Responses to Why I wrote the last post.

  1. renjith k says:

    hahaha…enikku santhoshamaayi…
    …kurachu samayam kazhiyatte…ellam sheriyaayikolum
    ( ithu sheelamaayikolum ennu)

  2. njan says:

    Tell me more precisely … I might suggest some book?? perhaps..

  3. Vivek says:

    @ renjith

    Shavathil kuthaanalle?? :)

    @ Njan

    Thank you… I got that book . :)

    @ Shal


  4. Shas says:

    Its good if once in a while we are the last ones.
    It keeps us level-headed and also, pushes us to work hard. Also, effective in keeping complacency at bay.
    Don’t worry buds. Soon you will be the first one to solve all.
    Being a man is far tougher than being a superman. So, why settle for anything that is not challenging enough.
    All the best and take care!
    I am sure you will do well !!

  5. Vivek says:

    @ Shas

    Thank you!! :)

  6. Vivek T.V. says:

    Hehe… Kanda vivarullavanmaarundu.. chodichuuu padikkan nokkeda. in btw u haven’t blogged about them :P

  7. Vivek says:

    Blogged abt whom?? The math geeks??

  8. renjith k says:

    sambavangalokke sheriyyayi thudangiyo?

  9. Vivek says:

    @ renjith..

    Getting grip!! :)

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