Pyaar 2010

After watching Enthiran, yesterday, I was left out with the only option of taking a cab back to the University as the bus service to this place ends by 12 at night.  After a series of events I ended up sharing a cab with a Chinese girl (hot!). I was so excited (even though nothing so exciting happened) and was heading to my room to blog about it and found that my network point was dead. I went to Anshuman’s room to check if the problem was with my network point or in general to the hall.

I explained to Anshuman about the cab thing and we ended up talking about girls, and then he just made a twist in the conversation..

Me: You could actually try that girl from your lab.. She seems to be interested in you..

Anshuman: I know man.. But I am not that interested in girls stuff..

Me: What!!!

Anshuman: Don’t think that i am gay!! It is something else..

Me: What??

Anshuman: Hmm… It is just that I adore someone else. I love her.. No, I respect her more than loving her..

Me: Great!! What’s her name..

Anshuman: Yuna! ..

Me: Oh.. It’s a weird name.. I mean, a cool name.. !!

Anshuman: She is the perfect female I have ever seen. One with a beautiful soul and body.

Me: Wow! What’s the story?

Anshuman: Well, it all started during the end of second level in Final fantasy-10.

Me: (scratching head)

Anshuman: I was fighting the dragons to save the villagers in a different time zone and she was the magic healer of the village..

Me: Are you talking about a game?

Anshuman: Yes..

Me: Oh man!! This is crap..

Anshuman: I know! People think so.. But just because she is not real, you cant conclude that my feelings for her is not real..

Me: Dude.. You are trying to pull my legs.. You got a hidden cam somewhere over here??

Anshuman: No man! I will never joke about Yuna..

And then, he showed me this photo frame in the corner of his desk with the image of a cartoon girl. he had written something romantic over the photo.. (I don’t remember it exactly.. The sentence had ‘love’ and ‘angel’ in it). He seems to be damn serious.

Anshuman: At different stages of the game my feelings for her grew as I realized how pure she is at heart. She was so good that she was ready to sacrifice her life for the well being of the villagers..

Me: :O (OMG!! I am trapped.. Why on earth I asked him about his story!! Oh wait… this could be an interesting topic for my blog)

Anshuman: … at stage 10 she was in this stage where she had to summon an angel to kill a dragon but which would eventually end up in my death. The only way I could avoid that is by disturbing her chants. That is when i kissed her for the first time…

Me: (Oh man.. He is blushing.. Why on earth?? Oh he was talking about some kissing part…)

Anshuman: Look at these google image picture man. This is when she had to dance, despite being sad, for the sake of  dead villagers moksha. Look, she is crying while she dances but she is not gonna stop the dance…

Me: (Hehe.. Ever heard of Basanti and her dance for Gabbar Singh??)

Anshuman: And this is the video when we romanced at the lakes.

Me: Oh!! (….since the factor group of the center is cyclic, the group should be abelian. The group being abelian and simple, it is solvable. Voila!! Maybe, i should listen to his love story when I have unsolved math problems..)

And it went on and on…

Current Music: Woh Ladki jo Sabse Alag He

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12 Responses to Pyaar 2010

  1. renjith says:


  2. Bosky says:

    omg! tell him to get a life!! he’s worse than the psycho guys I’ve ever heard of!!!

  3. Vivek says:

    @ renjith

    :) … Well, even I am!!

    @ Bosky

    Hehe.. All of a sudden the 7th std guy seems to be ultra cool, right? :)

  4. Bosky says:

    yeah! at least that wasn’t an illusion!

  5. Nipun says:

    Kochu galla………..

    A taxiyil sambavicha karyangal marichu pidikan vendi..etho oru achumaane karu aakiyal
    aarum ariyilla ennu vechu alle……..

    enthoru imagination…..


  6. Vivek T.V. says:

    You are in correct place… :P

  7. Vivek says:

    @ Nipun

    Hehe… nee kandu pidichu alle..

    @ TV


  8. Shas says:

    Haha…good one. But bad of you for minting a post out of someone else’s sad love story :P
    I didn’t know that guys can actually fall for an animated character and indulge in such kinds of fantasy. I thought only girls indulged in such kind of fantas(y)tic love tales :D
    Waiting to read your post about that Chinese girl :)

  9. Vivek says:

    @ Shas


    Don’t read the teller, read the tale… :P


  10. Shas says:

    @ Vivek,
    Getting a taste of my own words.. :D
    Can’t help it, what to do :P

  11. Leya says:

    Chinese girls have good hair. Consider your next generation and do a favour to that genetic pool ok!!! Just a thought you see.

  12. Vivek says:

    @ Shas


    @ leya


    BTW, I see very few Chinese girls with good hair, here..


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