Dream – episode 1.

Does anyone see dreams, as in tv shows, in episodes. I have been seeing this one dream in parts. Everytime, it takes off from where it stopped last time. I can’t exactly remember the dream, but these are some things about the dream.

1. I remember the whole series of the dream (with logical connectives) in the dream.

2. The villain of the dream is ‘Chiranjivi’

3. I still can’t run properly in dreams.

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3 Responses to Dream – episode 1.

  1. Leya says:

    Hmmm, I dont see TV dreams, but occasional dreams about expensive products that i cannot afford, like say a Rs 10,000 diamond dust face powder or something like that. :)
    But when I was small I used to see this same dream about a tiger swinging from the vines of the passion fruit plant that was in our terrace. That was a good dream.

  2. Sujith says:

    hey, I dont see in episodes… but i have seen the same dream 5 times…1st wen i was in 3rd standard….n last wen i was doin 1st yr engineering…….dream goes like this……….there is an underground cage..and a lion inside it…..i accdntly slipped wen i was trying to see him…and wen i reached inside the cage lion talking to me like this…….”ariyandu veenathale, athukondu njan onum cheyunilaa……..mon keri poyko……..OVER”

  3. Shas says:

    Wow! A serial dreamer :)

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