Anger Management Hazards.

I hate it when people are over confident. Especially, when they work with me as a team for a presentation which has 50% weight-age in the final grades. We had a presentation yesterday which got screwed up, completely. There were four of us in our team and the time alloted was 25-30 minutes. The plan was to present for 6-8 minutes by each of us and I spent the whole day yesterday planning how to bring down my 9 minute presentation to 6 minutes. Before the presentation I suggested that we take a trial run and one among us said ‘No’. She said she does not want to do the trial and she is sure that she wont take more than 5 minutes, as her content was introducing the subject to the class, and she’ll make it right in stage. She was the first one to present.

Guess what, she took around 13 minutes to complete her presentation (completed coz she was prompted) and it ruined everything. The second person got only 6 minutes to present her part, (we planned to give her 8 minutes). I had to do a super fast 3 minutes presentation (recall, it has got content for 9 mins) for damage control. And the last guy got around 4 minutes. So even with good quality stuff we managed to ruin the presentation.

After the presentation I was nice to her even though I wanted to howl at her. And the end result of that, I had *i don’t know how many* dreams of roaring at her, yesterday night. And I woke up at 6 in the morning, which is a record since I came to Singapore (basically, i lost my sleep). It is funny that the result is the same, sleepless night, when I burst out my anger to my dear and near ones and when I don’t to those whom I don’t care about.

Some good thing about the presentation. The professors’ comment was not completely disheartening. It went something like this, “You have good content. We understand you have done extensive research on this but very bad planning guys.” One of the professors said, “Vivek, you are a very flexible guy. You actually brought it back for the group”. Hope, our report might help us get some marks.

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6 Responses to Anger Management Hazards.

  1. hanoosh says:

    My first stage presentation got screwed up :(.
    I spent time on experiments and hence slides were not well prepared. For an examiner it’s the presentation more important.

  2. Njan says:

    practice makes man perfect.

    (avalodu randu vaakku parayaayirunnu) :P

  3. Vivek says:

    @ Hanoosh.

    Ya.. Presentations do play a big role…

    I am sure that you will make it straight in the next stage.. All the Best! :)

    @ Njan

    Hmm.. I should have!!

    (Appo parayanamaayirunnu.. Iniyippo time kazhinju poyi.. Ellathinum athintethaaya samayam undennu parayunnathu ithukondaayirikkum.)

  4. Sumesh says:

    Hey dude one positive thing happend is that u woke up at 6 am..he he he..!!..B +ve dude..!!..something happen +ve for you..!!…and dnt worry man u wl gwt good mark jst take long breath and take my name..!! :)

  5. Leya says:

    Hmmmmm…stop whining about presentations! And anyway, being big guys, presentations must not involve planning, it should come out subcutaneously! :) I am just being rude. I know this wont flunk u. So chill.

  6. Vivek says:

    @ Sumesh

    Thanks man.

    @ Leya.

    I am getting whiny these days (OMG! I am whining about being whiny)… :-|


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