What should a good professor be? A good researcher or a good teacher?

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  1. sandeep says:

    in my opinion, being a good teacher is necessary to be a good professor and the other is not.

  2. Vivek says:

    @ all:

    I too think that being a good teacher is necessary for being a good professor. I am really wondering why universities emphasize more on research than teaching!!

  3. hanoosh says:

    A researcher would have developed the ability to comprehend everything(ideas, work ..) needed for a project. He would be able to estimate the amount of work needed to complete a work. If the professor lack it the students working under him will suffer. Teaching is necessary for a professor, but not sufficient.

    A good teacher should be able to teach any level of student, answer to questions in any level of detail(more abstract to more detail). Even a simple student should be able to understand. His teaching should motivate the student to learn the subject rather than the student himself is compelled to learn the subject. Teacher should be able to convince the power and limitation of the particular topic or subject. The teacher should be able to make the student achieve the course objective.

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