UFO sighted in my room!!!!

It was about midnight and I was half asleep with the VHDL cookbook on my chest (books are better than sleeping pills) and my system playing some old melody and all of a sudden, a strange sound caught my attention. Oh, a strange insect was flying around my room producing some irritating sound. And that’s it…. I was on my foot and was desperate to catch it but it was much smarter than me…. :(  Well, the insect was a complete stranger; never saw anything of its kind before…  

It was about 2 cms long, reddish brown in color and it do move much faster than other insects of its size. I couldn’t count its legs but I think it to be four legged. It loitered in the room for about 10 minutes and disappeared. These are the times when I really miss a camera; I could have at least uploaded a photo in here if I had one.  

So, what was it- maybe an Amazon Unidentified Insect? Whatever, I am waiting for it to come again and next time I am gonna catch it for sure.

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4 Responses to UFO sighted in my room!!!!

  1. sujith_h says:

    Next time please upload the picture also… :)

  2. vivek_b says:

    Well, Lemme catch it first..

  3. anonymous says:

    Happy to see you here after a long time……
    Anyway…make your blogs uptodate frm today onwards…

  4. vivek_b says:

    Will try my best…

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