Vivek 2.0

I am having a presentation this Thursday and I am completely prepared for it! More than that, i was prepared with the content last week! That is an all time record. This does not end the story. I have a project report due on December and I am working on it now. When I was back in India, the earliest I have done a task was a day before the deadline. I am getting organized and even though it is not anywhere near to what others over here are, it does scares me. I am scared that I am mutating.

So, what is it that scares me?? To answer this question we should go back in time, say 1 year back, or anytime when I was in India. Those were the days when I used to say/brag that the basic reason what motivates me to study further is my laziness. And the explanation goes somewhat like this, in brief: “I was lucky throughout my life. I never worked hard to reach this level. I still don’t; I am probably the laziest guy in the whole group and still I am not doing bad. Hence I am dreaming of higher levels because even if it is tougher to handle I always have the option of working hard.”.

That is what that scares me. All these regularity. Does my subconscious thinks that this is something which is out of my league? Am I saturated with what I can do? Will I be in a situation where I can never use my ‘option of working hard’ theory?

Well, I don’t know..

PS: In fact I am loving the change. I wish I were more sincere and systematic. (My subconscious thinks that, this is not enough to tame the cat :D )

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12 Responses to Vivek 2.0

  1. Leya says:

    I have this question:

    Will you ever be tired of studying? or having flash dreams about further courses.

    Sigh.Why dont you try writing about this mutation of yours~!

  2. Vivek says:

    @ Shal


    @ Leya


    I am not having flash dreams about further courses now, anyways.. :)

  3. Shas says:

    Wow! You are a genius then :P
    You always have the ‘option of working hard’ whether the need to work hard arises or not.
    So, even if the need or situation to work hard doesn’t arise, you can still work hard and give laziness a hard time :D

  4. nipun says:

    The lines in quotes are just perfect!!!!Im resharing them…

  5. nipun says:

    hey….its going to be 2 months without a post……:)

  6. nipun says:

    Wrong smiley..I meant :(

  7. renjith k says:


  8. Njan says:

    Knock knock!!

    (please check: I couldn’t open your page in Chrome…. could be something at my end. Otherwise, you’re perhaps losing out on readers (or making it hard for them to read your blog))


  9. Vivek says:

    @ shas and nipun:

    will write an article this week.. :)

    @ renjtih: :)

    @ Njan:

    It is working in Windows and Linux. Don’t know abt Mac + chrome. Are you using Mac?

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