Ph.D. – year 1.

Long time since I blogged and I am not yet out of writers block. Lot of things happened in the past one year, completing first year of Ph.D. being the major one. So, this is a short account of my first year in research (if i can say so)


I am finally done with coursework! The two math courses I took almost killed me. Abstract Algebra and Convex Optimization are my cup of tea, but the fact that I was forced to compete with REALLY good mathematicians was a painful task. Somehow cleared the exams.

Presentations, Meetings and Reports.

Presentations which happens once in 2 months is fun. It is mostly about the work I have done, either to the funding agency or to the fellow Ph.D students. The weekly meetings with the prof is the hardest part. The embarrassment of sitting before him without any progress in the work to talk about is something which happens quite often.

Party, games and fun.

Mafia, taboo, badminton, cards, various hotels in Singapore, Universal Studios all with friends in a regular basis is something which actually kept me away from blogging.


I went to India in between and got this chance to deliver a talk in IIITM-K (Indian Institute of Information Technology and management – Kerala). I know most of you have not heard of it and won’t believe that Kerala has got a IIIT, but it is true. Check this link, if you don’t believe me. :P


The latest news is that my paper got accepted in a conference – IEEE Workshop on Information Forensics and Security. It is a small work and the conference is yet to happen, so you people have to wait for some more time to read it.  This link, has the list of accepted papers. Check out paper no:37 :D

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  1. Shas says:

    Quite an impressive report ;)
    Keep up the good work!

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