Heading for FOSS.NIT

Not much of preparation for tomorrow’s trip to kozhikode for attending FOSS.NIT. At this point I am really excited to travel with Pramode sir and to watch his show (magic with Phoenix and the robot) at NIT. Anjali had her permission from her parents today and will be coming with us. And of course there is Anish and Shaleena from our class (the real FOSS people of GEC). Three of my juniors (Krishnanunni, Sreeraj, Anil), the members of dhanush team and the representative of Electronics department, Naveen makes the whole team set for the trip.

NIT is National Institute of Technology so there would be students from all over the nation, right? There should be students from north India studying out there. Hope I could have some real OPEN SOURCE fiesta out there ;-) … Some of my friends out there in NIT had given me a lot of promises.

I found out an advantage of having guest lecturers today. I could listen in a much better way to Sminesh sir’s class (he is a permanent staff and is knowledgeable) now.

And to Leya: You will repent once for what you said today :-X.

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9 Responses to Heading for FOSS.NIT

  1. anonymous says:

    Update your profile.

    Now you are not a 5 th semester student.

  2. anonymous says:

    well! let us see.!


  3. vivek_b says:


  4. vivek_b says:

    It is updated now.. and is this the same person who is happy to see me back in livejournal :) ..

  5. anjalit says:

    Its an imense pleasure to have the proud priviledge of my humble self mentioned in your prestegious blog :P

  6. vivek_b says:

    Well, I am happy that you did’nt charge me for using your prestigious name in my blog… :p

  7. vivek_b says:

    Hey anjaan, U’ll be known as ‘B’ hereafter… if u again plan to comment pls do suffix the B with ur message…

  8. anjalit says:

    still headig for foss eh???..What happend at FOSS?

  9. vivek_b says:

    Do you expect me to write about that???

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