I was always lucky with friends. I end up being in the best of the best people throughout my life and I have never planned it. It just happens. It is the same here in NTU. Almost all of my friends are so great that I wonder what have I done to be in their friend group(Nirnaya, this is just for your comment :P).

This post is dedicated to one of my good friend, Karthik Raveendran. One of the humblest person I have ever seen. Kind at heart and blessed with immense talent. You’ll probably know him as a great singer some time in the future.

I am in love with his sound. Listen to the following song. All the voices in the song belong to him, even the female voice :)
Ahimsa Apostle by krgkarthik

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3 Responses to Karthik

  1. Sandeep says:

    Gifted voice. My bows to him. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. renjith says:

    loved it!

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