Once a rat… Timeline of an atheist

1985 – Atheist (just born)

1988 – Introduction to Hinduism (Evening prayers and scary stories of demonic gods)

1989 – Introduction to Christianity (Joined catholic school)

1991 – Jesus is God (influence of wonderful teachers who also happens to be nuns)

1995 – Introduction to Greek Gods (Greek myth stories book – Mom’s birthday gift)

- Thought of it as a weak version of Hinduism.

1997 – Back to Hinduism (Amarchitra kadhas and religious tv serials )

1999 – God helps me score mark. Should pray before exams.

2003 – God hates pornography. Should pray/repent after sinning.

2004 – Back to God helps me score marks. :P

2005 – God definitely helps me score marks (Anyone who studied in Calicut University will know why?).

2006 – Religion is a hoax. There might be a supernatural power.

2007 – Even supernatural power might be a hoax (Discussions with my atheist uncle). i will still pray, it wont hurt.

2009 – Agnostic, argues like an atheist but still prays and have no clue why.

2010 – Atheist (Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and true religious people helped in the smooth transition)

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5 Responses to Once a rat… Timeline of an atheist

  1. renjith says:

    ithokke ingane public aayi ezhuthaamo? bhaavi in laws kandaalo :P

  2. Vayanakkaran says:

    Quoting: “2003 – God hates pornography. Should pray/repent after sinning.”

    Why repent? Just don’t sin! :P

  3. Vivek says:

    @ renjith.

    Avaru impressed avoole? :P


    ……..for the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak ~ Mathews 26:40 :P

  4. Vivek says:

    @ Nirnaya: :)

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