Sit before you stretch

This is the third time this week that I am sitting to write a blog. Last two times, I thought, “If I am writing something, why not finish the conference paper than the blog article”. That was the evil side of my brain talking; here I am at the end of the week with an incomplete conference paper and no blog article.

The last blog was a depressing one and I don’t want the person who visits my blog the most (namely me) to see it every time he visits the blog. Hence, this article. I am not sure if I told you guys that I started going for Yoga.

So, after successfully dropping gym, swimming, jogging, badminton and archery, yoga is the latest activity. I am sure it will be joining the club of “droppers” soon but this time it wont hurt much as it is completely free. Can you believe it? FREE. Yoga is something which sells like Kim Kardashian’s tape (or hot pancakes for the innocent souls) in a first world country, everyone wants to learn it, and here is this group which teaches it for free.

The group is called Nikam Guruji Yoga Kutir, and they have 13 centers in Singapore and all the instructors are volunteers. The center was started in Singapore by one of the students of Nikam Guruji sometime back in 1990′s. The second good thing about this group is that they don’t bring in the spirituality myths too much during the class. That was a complete disappointment for my friend who thought he can levitate by yoga. He stopped soon after hurting his neck trying to stand upside down (sheersaasan). In Malayalam we have a  proverb, irunnittu kalu neetanam, which means sit before you stretch your legs. This friend of mine, who is also a mallu took it literally and stretched his legs upside down after sitting!! Since I understood the proverb properly, I decided to train myself to sit properly before I stretch.

That’s all for now. Will catch you up with more sprain stories soon!

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11 Responses to Sit before you stretch

  1. Shas says:

    The new age yoga guru :)
    Nice pikcha :)

  2. Karthik says:

    Good one!
    Will the next post be on “how to use amrutanjan” dude? :P

  3. Vivek says:

    @ shas: Yo.. :)
    @karthik: Hehe.. mostly..

  4. Nirnaya says:

    Grr. (for the photo)

  5. Its mE says:

    I have forwarded this article the mallu friend you were referring to. :P

  6. Njan says:

    :) Very nice picture..

    Update the blog more frequently.. it would be nice.

    And, “Yoga”… Hmm… I am very sceptical about the whole thing. Especially the word guruji comes together with it.

    Anyway, have fun. :)

  7. Vivek says:

    @nirnaya: hehe.. u can do ardhamachindrasan!!

    @chits: no probs.. I have shown him the article before posting it.. :)

    @njan: I think i ll be blogging regularly from now on..

    Well, unarguably yoga makes you flexible!! I

  8. ram says:

    Where was this pic taken?? nice pose anyway :)

  9. Vivek says:

    @ram: The park nearby .. Near to the cricket ground!

  10. Shal says:

    Mudi valarnnallo!! sorry i m late in reading ur articles..

  11. Vivek says:

    @shal: kshamichirikkunnu.. :P

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