When Ram asked if I am interested in visiting Mcritchie reservoir, he gave me the impression that its a small walk around a pond and I said yes. Bloody heck, a reservoir is huge!! We had to walk 10kms around the reservoir, and I was not prepared for that. I was wearing a jeans pants and a full sleeves t-shirt! Anyhow, I was clueless about the kayaking plan after the walk and to be frank I was not that much interested. See, anything that wears out my energy is something that does not appeals me. But I agreed to do it as everyone else was planning to and I should admit that it was an awesome experience. A short summary.

1. I fell into the water (actually jumped into it, so as to raise the spirits of other fellow paddlers)

2. Paddling was not as hard as I thought it was.

3. My partner had previous kayaking experience and gave me a crash course in kayaking.

4. Even though I was the only one dripping in water when we started, by the end everyone got wet. Thanks to Ram for splashing water on everyone

From MIsc

P.S. Why do people think that I have some paddling experience because I come from Kerala ? Yes, We have backwaters in Kerala. We have coconut trees too, I don’t know how to climb those.

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12 Responses to Kayaking

  1. Nirnaya says:

    And you don’t know how to dance the Kathakali either! :D

  2. Vivek says:

    @Nirnaya: so u think! :P

  3. Ram Jagannathan says:

    U didnt mention about ur dramatic wayout of ur kayak!! that was even more fun :P

  4. Vivek says:

    @ Ram: That is the best way to get out of a Kayak! I should patent it!

  5. Shal says:

    Am curious. how did you get out of the kayak?

  6. renjith says:

    And the USP(read it as Unique Striking Point) is , finally a pic of ‘Njan’ (well, if I am not mistaken) …..quite surprised…rather casual way of introducing some one to your readers…

  7. Vivek says:

    @shal: Like a boss! :)

    @renjith: Lol.. you are mistaken my dear friend. The article has no hidden messages!

  8. Vidhi says:

    @Shal: How vivek got off the kayak? -> by ROFD (Rolling On Floor of the Dock) U have to see it to believe it!

    @Vivek: Let’s go again! this time full 20km walk =D

  9. Karthik says:

    Hehahah ROFD :P. Yep Vivek is Kaya-KING. Good fun it was.

  10. Njan says:

    Well, you *ought* to know how to climb coconut trees… just like you should know paddling and rowing etc.

    anyway @Renjith… if you were talking about me, “Njan” is not in the picture. Or am I? :P
    Vivek, clarify please.

  11. Vivek says:

    @karthik: :)

    @njan: I think I should leave it to his “bhavana” ! :)

  12. renjith says:

    @njan—-mea kulpa… :)

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