Ignorant Scientist – 1

Lately, some of my path breaking ideas have been copied by some stupid American sitcoms and I have no way to prove that the ideas originated from the best brain of this millennium. So, I decided I will start posting all the innovative ideas I have, in areas I have no clue about (of course, it includes computer science), here in my blog (where else?).

Alien generator:

This is a futuristic device. Anyone who wants to make this, have to wait till they solve the mystery called TIME. Once the faster than light (or FTL as they say in Battlestar Gallactica) travel is achieved, when traveling through space and time is something like cycling to the stationery store for a maggi, this can be made.

According to SETI, we now know that there are around 1235 earth like planets in the Universe. Definitely, once the time machine is made, we can go to these planets looking for aliens. Don’t worry if we end up not finding any, that is when the alien generator comes into picture.

Alien generator transports micro organisms to these planets, 5 billion years back in time. And BANG!! Go back to all these planets and you’ll be surprised to see what evolution can do!

Controlled Schizophrenia:

Psychological disorders, as they are called, in most of the cases are not disorders. They are just different from others. I will say the current method of curing the patient out of it is bogus!! Instead, we should find how to make use of that state. Teaching the patient about his disease, or I will say ‘power’, and how to control it completely like any other emotion in our brain will be revolutionary.

Let us take Schizophrenia. A schizophrenic patient experiences hallucinations and delusions. She starts hearing voices and seeing people. Agree or not, humans love hallucinations; look at the amount of drugs and alcohol taken, the success of harry potter. If you are still not convinced then look at the existence and thriving of religion. So, assume, one can control his state of schizophrenia. This means he can get hallucinated at his wish. Isn’t that great? You are waiting in a queue for hours and there is ” The Beatles” around you singing just for you. It is as real as anything else for you and no one else will even know!

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10 Responses to Ignorant Scientist – 1

  1. Ram says:

    As discussed the “the report generator” , which just automatically processes ur thoughts(too futuristic) maybe voice command in near future generates a proper aligned report for ur thesis, with a proper literature study & puts in related papers for reference from web ;)

  2. Vivek says:

    @ Ram: True… That will be the best tool if I can have it now.. to finish my Q.E report!

  3. Karthik says:

    I see an ignorant scientist with a wild imagination on prowl…I like the twist in the alien generator idea (end up not finding any aliens).

  4. Nirnaya says:

    Controlled schizophrenia ~ day-dream generator.

  5. Vivek says:




    hmm.. I am not sure if the patient can reach a level of control where he can project anything into the real world.. something to research upon. :P

  6. Njan says:

    5 billion years ago would be bad.. They’d have enough time to evolve better than us (ASSUMING that the evolution takes a rather same pace)..

    And with that head start, they might come here and wipe humanity off the world, even before humanity has had a chance to go back in time and put their ancestors in their planet, and there by invalidating their own creation…

    And thereby making a very complicated grand-father paradox, which, only Douglas Adams can explain.

    You see?

  7. Vivek says:

    @ Njan: :)

    I knew someone will point out this problem.. But then, it will be hard to find the right time… As you said we should bring in the likes of douglas adams to figure it out, which is possible as we have the time machine ! :P

  8. renjithk says:

    njan post vaayichilla…budhijeevi agaanulla sramamaanalle!!!

  9. Vivek says:

    @renjith: pinalla..:)

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