Mentoring Undergrads!

Every semester we end up having some undergrad students joining us to do their final year project. It is such a pain to discuss computer science with most of them. Pramode Sir, tussi great ho, for doing this (taking the infinite stupidity from students) year after year. I am surprised by the ignorance of final year computer science/engineering students. Some instances,

1. Have not heard of lex or yacc.

2. Compilation is the process of┬ápressing┬áthe “build” button. Thinks that c program runs in its raw form in the processor.

3. Surprised when told that jmp instruction has different opcode values based on the type of jump.

4. Thinks you can add assembly instructions in C-program (no, he is not talking about inline assembly)

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4 Responses to Mentoring Undergrads!

  1. Shal says:


  2. renjith says:

    an off topic comment…
    was curious to see

  3. Vivek says:

    @renjith: ithokke ivide paranju aale vadiyakano? :P

  4. Nipun says:

    ipoolanu mel paranja 2 karyangal manasilaayathu.. ;)

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