Yoga or chemo

Last year, for the humble ambitions of twisting my body into shapes that resembles Matlab plots, I joined for yoga. I finished 3 basic levels and 2 intermediate levels and it was time for me to decide if I should join the group as a volunteer. The yoga center works with the support of volunteers and they teach it for free. For selfish reasons (mostly) of learning more postures I decided to join as a volunteer. Even though the yoga group says that they don’t promote any religious ideas, talks on chakras, spiritual enlightenment and higher levels of consciences pops up every now and then. The sad part is that the instructor does not even consider this as a promotion of Hinduism (deluded by the age old spiritual but not religious fallacy). Even then, the spiritual aspects are not pushed down to anyone’s throat and are preached only by some instructors and in moderation. After a series of serious thoughts (flipping a coin) last Monday, I joined the basic course as an instructor trainee and I had one of the best experiences.

When I reached the class I was received by another volunteer named Edward. I have seen him before but never had a chance to talk with him. He is practicing yoga for quite some time and is excellent in his postures. I introduced myself to him and started talking about different postures and techniques to improve certain postures. Sharp at 7 pm, the class started and the main instructor, Mr. Krishnaprasad , started his lecture about Yoga, its traditions, benefits etc. While explaining the benefits of regular practice, he mentioned casually that there are reports of cancer getting cured through yoga! To quote him, he said, “but it is very rare (that cancer get cured through Yoga). One has to be very dedicated and should be following strict yoga principles and diet to attain such levels of skills.” A smile of disbelief and shock spread through my face and then Edward whispered into my ears, “Krishnaprasad should not have said that. You cannot cure cancer through Yoga”. I was relieved to hear that and was about to console myself that most of the instructors are still on their senses (the first five, I mean) , when he said, “It is the divinity and goodness he possess that repelled the evil cancer cells out of his body!”

PS: Inhale, Exhale, hold for 10 minutes. There, that is the short guide to Samadhi.

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4 Responses to Yoga or chemo

  1. renjith says:

    “: Inhale, Exhale, hold for 10 minutes. There, that is the short guide to Samadhi.” – haha

    on a serious note- instructorude aduthu poovathe yoga padikkan valla vazhiyumundo? :P .kurachu naalaayi vicharikunnu ee sadhanam onnu padikkanamello nnu….

  2. Vivek says:

    @renjith: There are lots of yoga videos in youtube. The only problem with youtube videos is that there is no one to verify if you are making any mistakes.. Choose one with detailed explanation – For instance, some postures are not good for people with back pain or diabetes, etc.

  3. Njan says:

    All the best :)

    (by the way, after judging, I thought to myself — who am I to judge)

  4. Vivek says:


    :D Thank you..

    I know that there is quite a lot to judge.. :)

    “Who am I?” Yoga has an answer*.. :P

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