SOC aur mein, abhie abhie :)

Wow, I registered a project for the google summer of code. And for those who know how lazy I am, don’t be surprised, it’s also my academic main project! (I have no other way but to do it) The proposal was written today afternoon at about 3.00 pm and didn’t spend much time over it as I need to send it today itself (it was supposed to be the final day for accepting proposals; they postponed it to 26th now). Pramode Sir verified it and added some points more. And the mentor organization under which the project goes is ‘The Free software initiative of Japan”. Internet is an amazing technology – just after an hour I had a comment from the Japanese mentor team, asking about the project. (The project is not yet approved by the SOC people :D)

Earlier today I was busy preparing my seminar report and that was a really dumb job. I was trying each and every magical spells I know to find out those materials I collected at the time of seminar. Anyways, the whole report is ready to be submitted now.

Ah, had a late night call from Sujith from Bangalore. He is a real nice friend, he talked about half an hour to me and stopped just because I told him to and I am sure he does the same with his other friends. Dude, money does matters. He was totally excited about the talk he delivered in BMC College, Bangalore. This excitement person like Sujith express is one of the greatest motivational catalysts for me.

And to Sandhya, this is the question I promised to tell you (found it somewhere in the net) :

Sort an array which represents a binary search tree in least time complexity (say O(n)).

(Well, this is another technique to increase my hit count! I can now tell her to check my blog for the question :P)

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10 Responses to SOC aur mein, abhie abhie :)

  1. vibharaj says:

    All the best dear :-)
    Excuse the irrelevance,what happens to the heart? :p

  2. anjalit says:

    The latter part of this blog fits better in an e-mail!! :)

  3. anonymous says:

    I too suppot anjalit.
    ‘lakshyam maarghathe saadhookarikkunu’ –Hope u got what i meant.
    Ur ‘lakshyam’ is to increase the number of ur blog readers.
    so, ithoru maaputharaavunna kuttamaanu . :)

  4. vivek_b says:

    The latter part can be read by my other readers(3 or 4?, hehe) too. Solve the pblm and i’ll give another link to a superb puzzle (not of this kind, the real puzzle) :) ..

  5. vivek_b says:

    Thank you..

    And the heart still have 2 auricles and ventricles (i guess) .. :D

  6. vivek_b says:

    Happy to see you again.. :)

    And you are right too.. I would’nt have got the last 2 comments if have’nt wrote that.. :P

  7. sandhya_seb says:

    Traverse the BST in inorder and store the elments into an array in that onder …is it correct?

  8. sujith_h says:

    As far as I get my bread and butter, I will go ahead with the GNU/Linux philosophy and the knowledge that I have with it(Technical). So there is no question about that!!! Its a good appreciation that I got from you!! The appreciation from you will always be there in my pocket “My dear friend”!!!

  9. vivek_b says:

    I am flattered, dude!! :P

  10. vivek_b says:

    Hmm.. its somewhat correct.. use the same array to store the result :)

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