NTU bike rally 2014

Couple of months ago, I registered for NTU bike rally 2014. I registered 12 weeks before the rally and trained for the first 7 weeks. The best distance I covered was 50 km and then my cycling partner went for a trip. I stopped training and was a bit worried if I could complete the rally, but I did. The rally had 138 km and 188 km options and I took 138 km for obvious reasons. I covered the distance in around 9.5 hours.

The volunteers were really helpful directing us at all the turns with a pleasant smile. Every checkpoint had bananas, buns, lots of water and isotonic drinks. Cycling was fine for the first 90 kms, and then the pain started surfacing. I took a 45 minute break at the last checkpoint to recharge myself for the last 35 kms.

It was a fun day. There were a lot of amateur cyclists, like me, trying hard to finish the 138 km mark, encouraging and cheering for each other.


 P.S: Photo Courtesy:  Yu XinXing and NTu Bike Rally 2014 organizers

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4 Responses to NTU bike rally 2014

  1. Nirnaya says:

    Great shot! :)

  2. Vivek says:


    Took from their official facebook page

  3. ram jagannathan says:

    i have a qostin? 4 days cycling with u makes her cycling partner & u were afraid coz she left for a trip – i dont get the logic here :P anyway way to go , awesome pic & cheers to the effort :)

  4. Vivek says:


    Hehe.. I am the answer..

    1. She was there for 6 out of 12 training sessions. And she joined after 4 lonely boring cycling sessions. So her company was the reason for those 6 sessions.. Hence the term ‘cycling partner’

    2. I was not afraid of her absence. I almost stopped training (just went for 2 more days) after she left. My confidence was a lil low after the break and I was scared that I will get tired by 50-60 km

    Thanks man! :)

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