Climb on

Two months back my friend invited me for a rock climbing session in his gym and to be frank I was reluctant to go. To my surprise it was the best sport experience I ever had and I immediately fell in love with this awesome sport.

I took the level-l climbing certification the next week and have been climbing regularly for the last two months. ┬áThe best part of climbing is that the only thought you have is about getting on to the next hold – meditative I would say. ┬áThe following video was taken during one of my first climbs. I am bouldering in this video. You can expect more adventurous and exciting videos soon.



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3 Responses to Climb on

  1. Nirnaya says:

    “Meditative” – Sums it all up! :)

  2. Njan says:

    One of my colleagues is bouldering crazy!
    I’ve done it long time ago. Although I did like it, didn’t find it thaaaat good. (also that time it appeared rather expensive)
    He’s been asking me to join for some time now. Perhaps I’ll give it another shot.

    It’s been long time since I’ve been on blogosphere…
    Starting it by reading yours! :)

  3. Vivek says:

    @Nirnaya: :)

    @Njan: I hope you like it this time. Just bouldering can be depressive as it takes some time to improve. Also try top rope climbing which is more rewarding.. :)

    Will be looking out for your blogs :)

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