Giant Leap

Back in 2007, before joining my first job I wrote this,

small step


Last month, I saw this on PhD Comics..


I should say that I had that “Aha! I came with that joke first” moment.. It feels good, especially when it is PhD Comics on the other end. :P

Long post short, I just completed my Ph.D oral examination. Mankind is a small step ahead (I hope!).


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3 Responses to Giant Leap

  1. Renjith says:

    Congrats!! Adding even a bit to the vast ocean of human knowledge is not a small feat at all ! In an other world lingo..”You have pushed the human race forward!”

    And by far, this is the best explanation for a phd, that I have ever heard (though I do not agree with every point he says)

  2. Ram says:

    Congrats!! Time to start your own comics :)

  3. Nipun says:

    valla aavashyondairunno aashane??

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