Get Set, Go

I am back! This time it is completely different from the hundred other times I have restarted blogging. I am not even sure if I will blog for another 6 months or not. I have lost complete hope in my capability to maintain a blog. :/

A funny story from my life, some idiotic theories (“scientific”) that I have. my life update and bragging about the marathons I did, are some of the ideas I have for the blog today. After careful consideration I came to the conclusion that the bragging is the easiest.

A major change in my life, in that last 1 year, is that I am participating in quite a few endurance challenges. The ultimate aim of it is to do an Ironman race one day. Following are the events that I participated recently.

NTU bike rally 2014(138km)
NTU bike rally 2015 (168km)
Singapore triathlon 2015 (1.5k swim – 36k biking – 10k run)
Standard Chartered Marathon 2015 (42.2 km)
Sundown Marathon 2016 (21.1 km)


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6 Responses to Get Set, Go

  1. Nirnaya says:

    Welcome back! And to more achievements!

  2. Shreya says:

    You’re welcome for the motivation. :P :) For writing a blog post, not for the crazy marathons you keep participating in, which btw is awesome possom!

  3. Nipun Valoor says:

    This, this is where I stopped liking you..

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