I am so tempted to make a new post in the blog but I don’t intend to spend much time for it. So I thought of writing something which is in my mind for quite some time. Here it is-another one liner.


Passing by your street, my heart starts to beat.


I guess, it’s from some music album or did someone tell me that!!! :P..  

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11 Responses to Simply…

  1. vibharaj says:

    Hey !congrats 4 the project !

  2. vivek_b says:

    Thank you Vibha..

    Pramode Sir’s blog is the source, right?

  3. vibharaj says:

    No! Intuition :-D

  4. anonymous says:

    No comments

    oru vayanakkari.

  5. vivek_b says:

    Dear vayanakkari,

    i just figured out something.. We have’nt met yet… Is this right? It should be..

  6. anonymous says:

    who is this vayanakkari ?

  7. sujith_h says:

    I have to change your liner

    Passing by your college, my heart starts to beat.

    Because nowadays I used to go to colleges to teach
    them how to use Free software. -:)

  8. vivek_b says:


    Your heart need to beat for sure.. This is GEC Thrissur..

    And hey, wen u comin to our college to enlighten our juniors!!!

  9. sujith_h says:

    I didn’t got any message from your juniors to have a session in your college.
    If I get it then definitely I will come there. Again my heart will beat!!! But hopefully more in your college!!!

  10. vivek_b says:

    Any of my juniors reading this…

    That’s a message for you people…. :)

  11. vivek_b says:

    Tu jo kahe to taaron mein tujhe lekar chaloon
    Tu jo kahe to kadmon mein unhe la daal doon
    Seene se lagaake yeh badan kar doon gulaabi
    Chehra choom karke main banaa doon aaftaabi
    Hey hey, la la la la, la
    Hum to jaan dekar tumpe mar mite hain
    Kaun pyaar tumse itna karega

    Will she ever read this!!! :D .. I know, she wont and that makes this interesting, right?

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