Buy-cycle dude or atleast ask for it…

I lost my bicycle last week. Somebody had stolen it. It wasn’t painful at all. In fact I didn’t even mind. But my brother was a bit sentimental about the cycle and he kept on muttering about it for two days. Something about the bicycle – It was bought when I was in fifth standard (12 years back). I did almost everything one can do to a cycle upon it. My brother, two of my friends and my cousin learned cycling on it. Even though it was kept as an antique piece in our shed, we were still using it at times. And the poor cycle always cooperated well with us.


Today, I decided to go and meet my mathematics professor, Dr. Veeramony Iyer, who lives nearby. As someone else was using the bike I had to walk to his house and I was missing my cycle like hell. To my surprise suddenly my cycle appeared in front of me with a guy on it. I was speechless. I know the guy. He lives nearby and is poor indeed but never thought he’ll degrade himself to a thief. He said a “hi” to me without any hesitation. What does he think.. He can fool me with those extra stickers, ribbons and paintings he made on the cycle. I can recognize my cycle! But he was smart enough to vanish within seconds. I stood there with my mouth wide open. What was I supposed to do?


I was back on my nerves within seconds. I felt like killing him. Not because I lost my cycle but I don’t want him to play smart before me. Hey, I did nothing yet L


I am really confused about what to do. I can’t go and fight with him and get my cycle back as I am not a kid anymore. I can’t go and complaint to his parents, they are much worse. I don’t want to create a dramatic scene complaining it to the police.




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  1. vibharaj says:

    …U shud go to his house at night and steal it..God wont punish u for stealing ur own things !

  2. sreerenj says:

    waht is the age of that guy??he was so much strong???if he was stronger than you then forget abt the cycle…….

  3. vivek_b says:

    But, it’s still stealing!

    (Wat if someone else other than God took in charge of punishing me… :P)

  4. vivek_b says:

    He’s in 10th std (i guess)..

    You expect me to make a fight out there with him!

    Anyways, i am not gonna forget about the cycle.. Next time i see him with the cycle, i am gonna talk to him in the most decent way i can and will get it back..

    But as he now know that i knew abt the cycle he mite have sold it :(

  5. anonymous says:

    “I am really confused about what to do”. Need advice?

    You say he lives nearby. Then why can’t you go to his house and inform him that you recognised your cycle and that you are not a fool (?), and that you are not taking back the cycle only because of your visalamanaskatha, allathe pedichittonnumallennu.

    Iam sure he might have sold it. Cycle kittiyillenkilum, nammude visalamanaskatha (?) avaronnarinjotte alle?

    Oru Vayanakkari.

  6. mobin_m says:

    At least you could ask him from where he got the cycle. It is not the matter of relationship with your neighbor. If you close your eyes on these silly things you can expect more in the future.

  7. vivek_b says:

    @ vayanakkari

    Someone else had the same thought as of yours – my father.

    His brother was caught red handed today with the cycle and he asked him about the cycle. The well expected reply ” My bro bought it from used cycle shop”. And the rest of the talking was done to his father. We told them that the cycle is ours and had been stolen and we dont mind giving it as it’s not been used. They took the cycle!

    And about “Vishalamanaskatha”

    Evanodonnum vishalamanaskathayude avashyam illa…

    My father was talking in the most decent way to his dad and him. And that creep lacked respect in the way he replied. I would have smashed him to pieces for that but i dont want to degrade myself before my father.

  8. anonymous says:

    Like Vibha said, steal it back dude! And the next day put a tag”Stolen and Stolen back” and cycle in front of the guy!


  9. nikhil_n says:

    The best thing to do is to talk to him that you know its your cycle.Don’t ask him “where he got” and other questions like that.When you go to him you must make him tell know that you are sure of it.First try the gentleman’s way.Ask why he did that.Tell how much you and your brother loved it and tell that you will forgive him if he gives it back and will never repeat again.

    If he don’t care that then BLACKMAIL him. Tell that you will complaint to the POLICE. Most probably he will fall in this threat. Threaten him by some examples of what will happen in police custody. Try this method.

  10. vivek_b says:

    @ Leya, nikhil, mobin

    its all over dude :)

  11. anonymous says:

    vivek!! enthu vannaalum vittu kodukkaruthu… go fight!!!!

  12. vivek_b says:

    Vittu koduthu Rajith..

  13. anonymous says:


    ee cycle aano moshanam poyathu? athinte ormakku ittathano, ee padam? :)

    Oru Vayanakkari.

  14. vivek_b says:

    Njan cycle chavittunna pic ithu mathrame ullu… Oru rasathinu vendi ittathanu..

    Enthayalum ee cycle alla moshanam poyathu.. ithinte avashishtangal njangalude cellar-il undu :P

  15. anonymous says:

    please! the pic!!!!!!! change it!!!!!!! it is very cute, so unlike you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. vivek_b says:

    hehe… Wait for the next post to change the pic..

    And hey, u really think you did some justice to your blog?

  17. anonymous says:

    No Need to change the photo..

    Atleast from this pthoto, let others have a feeling(MISUNDERSTANDING :) )that you are soo.. cute and soo.. naive as the ‘kutty’ (doubtful that itz you) in the snap.


  18. vivek_b says:

    Hehe.. It’s quite amazing but it’s me!!!

    And about changing the pic.. The article will be having this pic as the display image. The display image of the journal may change.. :)

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