A day in technopark..

I attended an interview in Technopark on Friday. It’s a German based company creating high end audio processing tools. My resume was forwarded by Pramode sir and I was asked to be there at 10 am (I was punctual this time). J


I thought I would be directly interviewed by someone and the whole thing ends in an hour but they had something else for me.


The selection process begins with an aptitude test (“a b _ d e” find the missing letter.. stuff). It was kind of easy that I started to think that this is going to be another routine test. It lasts for about 20 minutes. 


The next session was an embedded system test. They gave me a three page question paper which was hell. It was much like an electrical paper consisting of questions about “notch filter”, “mirror current”, “DSP” etc. I can’t express the happiness I had when I saw the question “what is pipelining?” in between. Two or three questions regarding microcontrollers also came to my help. But all in all it was a complete mess.


The third hurdle was the C/CPP test. The C-part was really simple. And I guess the CPP was also the same for those who know CPP (The CPP I know is the C program enclosed in a class) :P..


After the evaluation of these papers I was informed that I was selected for the interview. There were four people in the interview board and one among them was a foreigner – he is the M.D of the company. The malayalm saying “Sayipinne kandapol kavathu marunnu” worked perfectly in my case. My English was desperate when I talked to him. I tried my level best to adjust with the situation. The interview lasts about an hour and Sreejith (he works there) showed me the company’s environment and the kind of work they do. They whole process end at about 6.00 pm..   :o


After an hour I had a call from them informing that I have been selected and they will send the details on Tuesday.


I seriously thought of naming the article as – Post of “I”s.

The article contains 17 “ I ”’s in it.   

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20 Responses to A day in technopark..

  1. vibharaj says:

    Wow !! Awesome..CONGRATS SMARTY !

  2. sujith_h says:

    This time I agree with You!!! :)

  3. iam_vivek says:

    congratz !!!
    go ahead ..

  4. anonymous says:

    It seems to be a really good test.

  5. nikhil_n says:

    Its me above

  6. anjalit says:

    This is a swayam pokkal…
    Who wants to hear that you got selected or not :P What we are interested in are the ‘questions’. And you have tactfully avoided it. :D

    Compliments on your placement.

  7. vivek_b says:

    Thank you.. :)

  8. vivek_b says:

    Thank you..

    The C/CPP and the embedded system questions are the common questions they ask.. Those you get when you search the net.. It would look awkward if i include those in here… :)

  9. sreerenj says:

    congratzzzzzzzzzzz vivekketttaaaa,,,,,,you go to Accenture?BPCL? or here?????

  10. anonymous says:

    Thank you.. to all

    @ sreerenj

    i am still not sure!! :0

  11. anonymous says:

    Thank you.. to all

    @ sreerenj

    i am still not sure!! :0


  12. anonymous says:



  13. anonymous says:

    Your last post have 22 “I” s in it , even though it is smaller than this. :))

    Oh..Wasted a lot time counting it.

  14. anonymous says:

    Thank you..

    That is interesting..
    I should consider changing the name of my blog then :P


  15. sandeep_rb says:

    and it is a nice description too

  16. anonymous says:

    Congrats, InDSP is a deadly kewl company and you would have good company of your senior Sreejith… !!! Kudos n Congos !!!

  17. anonymous says:

    Thanks.. :)


  18. anonymous says:

    Thank you :)..


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