She is a fantasy


The face was cute, the body was gorgeous, and the silky hair brushed her cheeks, the reasons why I noticed her. She was walking from the super market towards her car. Someone muttered something from inside.. “Hey Vivek, you know her”. I turned my head for another glance but she disappeared. Now that was irritating, “Who is she?” – The thought bugged on me for sometime and at last the search was success. She is (is it proper to tell her name in here? Let me use a dummy one.) Aparna. And I laughed. Want to know why I laughed? Here it goes…


Let us go back in time to those days when people laugh at you, tease you, alienate you if you talk to a girl – the primary class. Girls were supposed to be considered as enemies! I even remember the day I bunked my class just because the hero’s name in the movie broadcasted the previous day is Vivek.


I was in fourth (or fifth?) and those days the biggest punishment teachers can give was to make you sit in between girls. And this day I was in the limelight. The leftmost seat of the third bench in the girls’ row was impatiently waiting for me. Aparna was my neighbor there. I kept my bag in between when I sat over there. I guess that irritated her, she did the same! The bags disappeared after two periods and we started to chat. Guess, what I asked her .. “How does it look like inside girls toilet!! :P”. She turned out to be a good friend but the friendship remained in the bench. We never talked when we were out of our bench. And you know these girls have wonderful ways to spend their time. I learned a lot of games like “Bingo”, “Magic Land”, “Cows and Bulls” etc.. from Aparna.


Now in the mean time another friend of mine (boy) showed me a wonderful tool- the lighter. I was really fascinated by its working. After much compellation he promised me to get one and I was supposed to pay Rs.25 for that. I was ready to sacrifice that for that magic wand. I don’t remember how I managed to get the money. And after a week I had my lighter. That was the last day of that academic year. After the lunch break we had a free hour and I was demonstrating the working of the lighter to Aparna as if I were using that for years. And the leader who saw this wants to play big sister with me. She asked me to give her the lighter (so that she can handle it to madam. “Ayyada”). I hid it in my pocket suddenly and told her that there was no lighter with me. She thought it was in the bag and tried to check my bag and a cunning me resisted desperately to make her believe that it was in the bag. Finally she had my bag and started to search that and she found not the lighter but a deck of cards. Oops…. I forget about that!!! Those days I used to bring cards to learn magic. I was perplexed and was thinking “Now what!”. She took the deck with her and I did not want her to give that to madam. I called her and made a deal. I’ll give the lighter and she should handle back the cards. She said ok. And poor I, in trust of her words gave her the lighter. And you know what that !@#$%^ (you can fill anything over there) did. She went with both of them. @#$%^&*(….


I could not control myself… I tried to control but in vain. My eyes flooded and I started to cry. Aparna sitting near me felt sad I guess. She tried to console me but it didn’t work. She wiped out my tears but my eyes didn’t stop pumping. And finally she too started to cry (!!!!). Well, that worked… I stopped crying ( I didn’t want my boyfriends think that she loves me :p).


But nothing bad happened. That was the last day in school that year and madam never had a chance to question me. And Aparna changed the school next year (maybe because of me  :P). I wish I asked her why she cried.  

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6 Responses to She is a fantasy

  1. vibharaj says:

    He he ! Those days..So innocent..
    Pencil with a rubber at the back, sharpener(alias cutter) with colourful balls inside,etc were the things that fascinated us..
    I hope u get to see Archana and know why she cried :p
    Unsolicited piece of advice:
    Vaynottam alpam kuraykkuka ;)

  2. anjalit says:

    Good old days eh!..:)
    Well written ..I simply couldn’t help giggling at a few points.

    She is a fantasy…sharara nara..oh oh..
    Aru urin azhagey… :P

  3. vivek_b says:

    Of coz… i still remember how much i wanted the (sharpener)cutter with rubber on one side and brush on the other..

    I donno where she is to ask her :)

    No comment abt the advice (njan nanakum ennu thonunilla.. :P)

  4. vivek_b says:

    Thnk u, thnk u.. :)

    PS: Anjali’s the college magazine editor :P

  5. anjalit says:

    Who is the editor?? MEE???
    Member of the editorial board.
    This goes just as ‘someone’ metioned a few months back that Raju Narayana Swamy has left Kerala for good, when he actually was busy preparing the JCBs for Munar :P

  6. vivek_b says:

    Well.. the “someone” in this context is you itself :D

    And Raju Narayanaswami was Kottayam collecter then and not screwing the JCB’s for Munnar.

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