What am I to others

The following describes a bit of it. These are the testimonials I had last week :P.


“You are a great friend.” (I am a good actor)


“You are a cheat.” (I broke a promise)


“You are silly.” (Am I??)


“You are a liar.” (he tells a truth.)


“You are someone I can bank upon.” (ahem ahem, belongs to my category I guess.)


“You are intelligent.” (the guy is stupid, but he has a point)


“You are frank.” (I told she looks awesome. :P)


“You are an idiot.” (he too is.)


“You are nice.” (I know that) .


PS: Please don’t get misled by the above :P …  

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5 Responses to What am I to others

  1. anonymous says:

    You missed adding 1
    You are a great Panchara in the class( ur class opinion )

  2. azhar_am says:

    who is that anonymous ??
    it should be a girl ..i think…

  3. vivek_b says:

    @ anon :)
    @ azhar..
    no idea buddy.. not anyone from our class, i suppose..

  4. anonymous says:

    For all the testimonials, except one you have a statement along with it as your comment. What happened to the 3rd one ??
    There you have a que. “Am I ??”. It just happened that way or written intentionally ?? :)
    Does it really mean that you are silly ?


  5. vivek_b says:

    The fact is i wanted someone to say .. the question “Am i?” which i proposed proves myself to be silly.. :) .. and well it worked!!!

    And i never considered myself silly and i really doubt i am going silly nowadays.. :P

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