Finally in the kitchen!!

My amma had a transfer to a remote place last week and that means no more home made food. I had some basic lessons from her on how to cook. The theory seemed to be so easy, the only thing is you have to wait for 20 minutes after keeping the stuff in stove (for most of the items). But I was so sure that the cooking thing will never happen as I believe I’ll never get bored of hotel food. Now, how I ended up cooking.


This day my father fell ill and I decided to make kanji for him and did it comfortably as there is no need to be bothered about the salt and other ingredient quantities. The prime difficulty is in getting accustomed with the environment. I made about 10 calls to my amma enquiring where the matchbox is, how to switch on the gas cylinder etc etc. Now the hard part was yet to come – to make the curry (I too planned to taste my first dish and I needed something with rice).  I had another theory class on making the easiest of all curries, payaru curry (peas curry), but I completely forgot that. Now What???? I was not ready to quit. Called up amma again and this time I didn’t cut the mobile phone. And she virtually made the curry through me.


And to my amusement it tasted good!


Now the other side of it..


The kitchen was a mess after the whole thing. (I reverted it though)


I burned my hand. (It’s a silly burn)


There was a lot of curry and there was no way other than throwing it away.  


My father popped up the opinion of cooking again today L . (We tried a new dish, but this business is not so interesting)

BTW I had my first salary :)

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  1. anonymous says:


    This is funny.. Even i had to do the same chores… We had shifted in our last year of engg to a house from our hostel.Then for a few weeks, it was all cooking over the phone. But now, the food here is pretty bad [ for vegans] and now am forced to cook.. over which indian groceries are difficult to find. And calling home is pretty expensive, so i have shifted to the plan B, cooking over blogs… ;)


  2. anjalit says:

    You are right this is a very slow and hence a totaly boring business. And I tell you it is okie the first time, but the repetation of these episodes are way too dull. There simply are no instantaneous outputs.

    And cleaning up the mess ..eeekkkkk

    I really don’t enjoy it when kithen duty stumbles down into my hands.

  3. azhar_am says:

    man …congrats…now its your own money ..k ..not dads…spent it with that thought..:)..

  4. vivek_b says:


    where are you now???


    same pinch


    hehe.. I know what u meant!!

  5. vibharaj says:

    So whats cooking ?? :P

    Salary kittiyo ? Appo treat??

  6. shrads_m says:

    Congrats for ur first salary and for ur first step in the kitchen. :P Keep up the good work. :)

  7. vivek_b says:

    Anytime.. fix the date. :)

  8. vivek_b says:

    Thank you..

  9. sandeep_rb says:

    Congrats……..realizing the value of work is really a beautiful experience

  10. sujith_h says:

    Nowadays I had started cooking. During my college days when I asked my mom to allow me to prepare some dish, she refused. But I used to watch the process carefully that takes place in the kitchen. So there is not much difficulty for me. The first day I didn\’t knew how much whistle was needed to cook the rice in the pressure cooker. So I went for 3(a random number that striked me). It was my good luck that rice was cooked perfectly. If I would had gone for 1 more then praveen(Hope u remember him, u met him at FOSS@NITC) would had kicked me out of house. And the other interesting part of cooking is payaru curry, kadala curry etc. Nowadays I had gained lot of confidence in cooking. We had made chicken Curry too.. That was also good. But not as my amma prepares.

    Cooking has something to do with FOSS. The source code is available u need to compile them properly with the parameters to make them work properly!!!!

  11. vivek_b says:

    @ sandeep

    thank you..

    @ sujith


    Praveen is lucky enuf to have you with him.. (and i know Praveen)[Lucky bhabhie, too.. :P]

    You can never say something without FOSS, alle?

    And over here.. have’nt tried NON VEG yet.

  12. anonymous says:

    Vivek, Better never try the nonveg..

    Be a vegetarian…

  13. anonymous says:

    ethayalum nannayi…nee melanangi oru joli cheythallo !!! btw, didn’t u have an upset stomach after that?? ;)
    anyways, salary kittiyathil santhosham, treat eppo, evide vachu???


  14. vivek_b says:

    “ethayalum nannayi…nee melanangi oru joli cheythallo !!!”

    whos telling this!!! :-O

  15. sandhya_seb says:

    Its a very good news that you are learning cooking .. And i am happy for one more thing … Its not technical

  16. vivek_b says:

    What made you think that i learn only technical stuffs???

  17. anonymous says:

    hats off to ya…..vivek..i can hear u give a sigh of relief..for it cud be first time i called u vivek…;)

    i regret not havin learnt cookin while i could…for its tough out here…well it aint tat bad though..we manage..n i’m waiting for de treat??south park/muthoot plaza.???..;)

  18. vivek_b says:

    It is not a big deal to cook.. Need a class?? :P

    Make a call wen u reach tvm..

  19. sujith_h says:

    Try Non Veg also buddy(Since I know that u prefer to eat non-veg). Its not that difficult. The only thing is that the first day if u cook non-veg it wont taste as good as ur amma prepares. But then a satisfaction is there(As if when you recompile the kernel with the relevant patch applied, if done by urself). And again its lot better than having food from your home than from outside. I am one of the victims of the hash-bush restaurants in blore!!! 3 days in the bed!!!!

  20. sujith_h says:

    Hey no body in this world is purely vegetarian.

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