The story begins…

I came to GEC Thrissur along with my father. For the first time I was staying away from home and since none of my Trivandrum friends joined in GEC, I was completely stranded in a pool (sea?) of strangers. To make things worse someone told me that GEC was so notorious for raging. My mind set was no better than a 4 year old kid joining the KG.

Someone took us to a classroom where we waited for my turn to get the green card. A senior came to me and gave me a pamphlet in which it was written “Study and Struggle” in big block letters. “Awh!! Are we studying here to struggle??” I thought. The pamphlet was something which provides you with the information about the hostels near to the college.

After all the formalities at the office, we set out to find a hostel bed for me. And that is when, this lean fair guy with the naivest look i had ever seen tripped on us – Aneesh. He was with his father and they had found a hostel for him. We had a small chat with them and came to know that he was also a CSE student. Being with a classmate was a nice idea and i decided to be in the same hostel. Little did i knew then that it was the beginning of a great friendship.

After two weeks: – the class begins

The first day in the class.I reached in time (I am punctual at times). I came from my mother’s house that day and was yet to join the hostel and hence I looked for Anish, to find a seat near him but couldn’t find him. After a bit of chit chats with the other students i came to a conclusion that, the class is a geek shop. State rank holders, Sainik school product, Navodaya products, school toppers, 90+ % holders and a lot of them with lots of plans (someone even had decided the institution where he plans to do his MBA). I was waiting for Anish as he was the only “me kinda guy” i saw. And then he came, he was with a fat, big ass guy, Anand. I waved at him and he waved back. We talked for sometime and then the teacher came.

Loitering in the campus around at noon I saw a lot new variety of people. Seniors with devilish looks (you know, those with long hairs, torn jeans etc..), the romantic people at gallery, the union leaders, the empty library hall and people fighting to get the slowest internet service provided there, just because it is free (i waited there for half an hour but couldn’t get into the seat. . :P), the mech tree … huh, somebody called us!! That was the first raging i had (as far as i remember the last one too)

Senior: Whats your name?

Me: Vivek, Whats yours?

Senior: How dare you ask me that?

Me: I am sorry..

Senior: Tuck out your shirt..

Did that without hesitation.

Senior: Branch?


Senior: How many gals in your class?

Me: Well, 20-25 .

Senior: The assignment for you is to get me their full details.

Me: Ahem Ahem…

Senior: huh, any probs (the devilish look appeared in his face)

Me: No, what probs…It’s done..

Never met him after that.  :D

The day end leaving me into a lot of thoughts,

What should i tell when i meet the senior again?

Will engineering suits me?

When can I go back home?

To be continued…

After 1 hour of discussion with Thodi Bhai about the probability that two plugin ID’s will generate the same key, we found out that the upper bound is 1 and lower bound is 0. :P

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11 Responses to The story begins…

  1. vibharaj says:

    Cute :)
    even i had this problem..was really scared to join college.
    I had to write loveletters and sing Janaganamana.. I cudnt sing correctly and I had to write ‘imposition’ some 25 times :)

    So this collecting details of girls stuff is the usual “number” of seniors everywhere ;)

    waiting to read the rest of the story :D

  2. sandeep_rb says:

    good starting…

  3. iam_vivek says:

    cooL ; continue ‘with ur ragging’ stories too ..( )

  4. anonymous says:

    Unfortunately/Fortunately we didn’t have the chance of getting ragged. Why you all didn’t rag us?
    Is it because we all your juniors are that much sweet and naive ? :P


  5. vivek_b says:

    “even i had this problem..was really scared to join college.”

    I guess, it’s a common problem..

    So.. With all those ‘imposition’, can you sing Janaganamana correctly now? :P

  6. vivek_b says:

    @ all

    thank you… :)

    @ hailstone..

    Getting ragged is not so a wonderful experience..

    And the reason for not raging is not that the juniors are sweet and naive; it’s coz we are sweet and naive :D

  7. anonymous says:

    well said vivek.. :-)

    and the starting is also great … continue.. continue..
    (u have misspelled aneesh quite a lot of time with my name – anish)

    anish bhaskaran

  8. vivek_b says:

    In fact his name was changed from ‘Anish’ to ‘Aneesh’ coz of another ‘Anish’ at his school days. Even he misspell it at times :P

  9. anonymous says:

    u havent mentioned ma name in the article…not fair!! :| and whers the next part of the story???? UPDATE!!!

  10. vivek_b says:

    You are yet to come, right??

    will do it soon :)

  11. anonymous says:

    n u bettr write onli good things!!! (why did u hav to drag anand s ass into this??? :O )

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